My small dick problems are enormous: Part 4

My small dick problems are enormous: Part 4

I am such a pathetic little small dick loser and my tiny penis doesn’t even get fully hard anymore, as I’ve explained. You can read more about my tiny dick that can’t get hard, it doesn’t get much more pathetic than that.

My 3 inch dicklette is absolutely worthless for women and I will stay pussyfree for life. All I will ever do is jerk it off with my thumb and index finger until I leak out my beta juices onto a towel.

That’s why all women should know about my lack of size, so that they will never even think about dating me. Instead they should make fun of me, laugh at me and humiliate me for having such a pathetic excuse for a cock.

Is this your first time seeing my tiny dick on here? Catch up on my humiliating tiny dick life by checking out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

It always makes me happy when I come across a tiny dick loser that actually accepts his place in life. A dick like this isn’t made for pussy, blowjobs or anything sexual involving women, it’s there to laugh at and make fun of.

You can’t even count on being a cuckold when you have a stiffy that short and pathetic. He’s definitely right about the two finger jerk off sessions because that finger pussy will legitimately be the only pussy he ever gets. Lol!

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