How does your penis measure up?

Even though penis size is extremely important, most guys don’t how their penis measures up compared to others. 

That’s all about to change with your help. This SYTD assignment requires you to leave your penis size in the comment area below.

How does your penis measure up?

The more of you that participate the bigger the ongoing list will become giving everyone an easy way to see how their cock measures up among other men. Penis size matters so join in the fun and expose how big or small you are.

Scroll down and leave your soft and hard dick measurement and show us how you measure up!

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191 thoughts on “How does your penis measure up?

  1. Always limp, sometimes the excitement of looking at big black cocks makes it reach an inch & a half. Then I roll up between my finger and thumb until it feels like I’m going to cum but nothing dribbles out

  2. My dick is one inch hard and half of a inch soft it’s very tiny compared to everyone else kinda depressing but oh well 🤷I have a very tiny dick and the with is also an inch.

  3. My flaccid penis is 2.8 Inches long, with a circumference of 3.1 Inches.
    My erect penis is 4.5 Inches long, with a circumference of 4.2 Inches.

  4. I have a very thin dick that is 2 inches soft and 3.5 fully hard. Hard is same as a bic lighter

  5. My penis is 2.25″ soft and almost 5″ hard, when it can get hard. It loves panties and wants to be seen by all of you.

  6. My cock or rather boyish penis is just sadly short but really skinny im 1/2 in soft and just barely 3in hard lucky for me I have a lot of female friends that I’ve known since school and everyone of them knows how tiny I am and several of them from then until now at 42 have let me inside them will watch me jerkoff and some enjoy preforming public sph and I love it all

    1. Wow, such a lucky guy…nothing more exciting than the knowledge that women are aware of one’s small size…somply exhilarating!

  7. my name is Danny Rotz and I live in shippensburg, my tiny sissy clitty of a dick is so small that when soft it is literally unmeasurable. don’t believe me just google “my tiny sissy clitty of a dick 3” and check out the pictures I’ve posted

    1. Danny Rotz, clearly you are a cumdump faggot for big black cock and you spend your days sucking big black cock and taking loads in your mouth and ass

  8. I LOVE my TINY little Sissy Clitty! I’m almost 1inch when limp & on the RARE occasion my Clitty gets HARD it’s just barely 3inches! My Clittys girth is about the size of a REAL MANS THUMB!!

  9. I’ve always been told that I have a baby size cock 1.1/2″ soft nearly 4″ (I don’t get rock hard) It’s small enough to be contained inside my panties even at full length. Its also 3.1/2″ in girth

  10. I’m under 1 inch (in fact most of the time an innie) when I’m flaccid. And just under 4 inches when hard. Definitely a babydick.

  11. Soft is 1-2 inches
    Hard is 3.5 to 4 on average
    Sometimes I think it can get to 5
    But mostly around 4 inches.

    I am not a real man

  12. used to be 3in flaccid but I’ve been restricting space and blood flow by wearing tight panties most nights and now that it is winter it is a miracle if it isn’t mostly turtled. past few days, i’ve been averaging about 1in to 1.5in flaccid. Last time i got hard i could only get to around 4.5in

    funny how i fantasized and got turned on for so many years about the idea of having a micropenis and im now down 2in from my erection size i had 3 years ago. The downside is I dont think ill ever get to fulfill my cuckold fantasy now that my cock is too laughable a size for a woman to want to date me.

    1. Soft i am 2 inch and hard 5.5 inch. My ex called my penis cute…and her nickname for my penis was worm. She called me baby penis when having sex..I am not a macho kind a man so i use a hollow strapon.

      1. my penis is small and is very hilarious looking. it is 1.25 inches soft and 4.8 inches hard with 4.75 inch circumfrance.

  13. 40 year old premature ejaculator beta, 2.5 inches soft 4.5 hard and pathetic girth of 4 inches… (haven’t got fully hard before cumming for years now)

  14. 22 year old, 7’0″, white guy

    Soft it’s inside…. Less than 0 inches…

    Hard it’s only ever gotten to about 0.5 inches…

    And it’s like about the size of dime in girth… With no balls lol

  15. My penis is one of the little size cocks you see a man hung with. Like to make video with 6 girls ask me to get nude as they watch. Seeing my cock while standing in front of the six girls, they all laugh make joke’s at looking at my little tiny 11\2″ long penis limp and watch as I get hardon standing only 31\4″ long straight up and seeing like that find it even more funnier to look. Like to put video on website.

  16. I am only 2inches long by fingersize width and diameter when fully erect and miniballs premature ejaculator and lifelong bedwetter and have to wear adult diapers and diaper covers 24/7 & every woman I ever dated laughed me to tears and called me mean name’s and made fun of me and made me cry !!!

  17. 1.5 inches soft, 2.5 inches hard, my thumb is thicker and longer, and I don’t even need to touch myself to cum when I watch my wife fuck real men.

  18. Erect – Length = 12.2 cm (4.8″)
    Girth = 9.5 cm (3.75″)

    Flaccid – Length = 7.5 cm (3″)
    Girth = 7 cm (2.8″)

    Pencil dick 😢

  19. My penis is 2 1/2 soft, 4 3/4 hard with Girth 4 1/2.

    When I was younger thought I had a big one, used to flaunt it.

    One instance of nudity at a party and I forever learned my place.

  20. My GF told me that school boys have bigger dicks than me.
    mine 2.5 inches.

    she want me to see her get gangbang by her office mates

  21. My little dick is 1/2 inch soft 2 1/2 hard . It’s so small that it buries itself in my ball sack most of the time . most of the time I sit down to pee if I don’t I’ll pee all over myself . I also have to reach around and pull back my ball sack or I make a mess. this one girl said her clit is bigger than my dick





    1. I thought you might be here sniveling like the BITCH you REALLY ARE so i took liberty to actually post YOUR PATHETIC results!😂😂😂😭😜haha

      1. Hey so I’m hung with a 1 1\2″ inch long cock, and proud of it. And let you have a look anytime to prove it. Dare you to see my cock and laugh as you tell me I have a lol little size penis.

      2. Un like you who dresses in panties and those long chick CIGARETTEs you steal your girlfriends underwear I still have those pic little bitch . Fag behind that painter’s hat fuck you

    1. Dear Mistress,would you deny me until my balls are sore and then kick my swollen balls until I ooze pre-cum? Then tie me down and fuck me with a strap on until i begged you to stop?

  23. That’s pathetic. You might as well be a woman cause I’m sure you can only please a woman with your tongue. I bet when you do get pussy your little clitty falls out all the time.

    1. I’m 2in soft and 4.5hard and less then 5in girth but with a female my pathetic dick dont last 30 seconds in a pussy

    2. Omg that was such a sexy comment. You make me want to get on my knees the second I started reading it.
      Please we need more comments like this . *drops to hands an knees

  24. Ive always thought my dick was really small, i am about 3.85-4.25 soft, and 7.25 hard. Im sorry for you guys but thanks for the confidence boost, ive been told my dick looks smaller to me because i have very large testicles.

  25. I’d like to participate, soft I’m 2 inches long and 2.75 inches around. Hard I’m 4.25 inches long and 4 inches around.

  26. Mine is just above 2 inches soft and 5.9 inches hard.
    Wife is not satisfied and some sexpositions is not possible for us.

  27. I am 45 an my penis measures 1,7 inches long when soft and I have an erect length of between 2.5 inches to a maximum 2.75 inches
    An my erect width between .09 of an inch an 1 inch. An every single one of the 6 girlfriends I’ve had complained regularly about my lack of size leading to being dumped because of it every time i once even said I thought size wasn’t supposed to matter which brought the swift rebuff of yeah but when it’s that small it does.

  28. Mine is 2″ soft…6″ semi and 8.5″ hard!
    Wish it was bigger soft but love the reaction when girls can’t believe how much I grow.

  29. My English cock is 1” soft, 4 3/4” hard, circumcised 3 times but sometimes skin still covers the edge of the glans.

  30. Caucasion , 54, divorced, 4.9 inch fully hard, 2.9 soft.
    Have had the problem of popping out during sex with
    Every woman I’ve ever had sex with.

    1. I LOVE my cute, tiny Sissy Clitty! I Love how it just kinda sits there resting on my little tiny Girly balls. My Clitty is about 3 quarter of an inch when soft & limp & when I’m ROCK SOLID HARD My CLITTY is Right at 3 inches long!

  31. 1.5 soft
    4 inch hard
    Long stretched balls 6 inch long
    I never get second date.
    Girls always ask if I’m gay.
    Well. Iam.

  32. Hi there, my penis is 1.3 inches soft and 3.7 inches semi erect. It actually doesn’t get hard anymore. Been a cuck since about 2 weeks after our wedding day.

  33. I was just looking at the gallery before I came upon my own post. There are some really nice looking penises here. I would like to chat with others that are in similar situations (others who have tiny little cocks)as myself. Contact me.

    1. Hello fellow tiny member.

      I love to suck on small cocks. I love it when I can make it disappear in my mouth. I have a small one too. Could you share a pic?


    1. My small ass penis is also 1.25in soft hard I can get up to 4.5in long. I love having a small dick I use to be embarrassed but now I get so turned on getting laughed at. I swear I blow a load almost every time.

      1. Mistress is not pleased with all the 3 an 4inch tiny cocks I take it? We should all be cockcage to better worship an serve you.

    1. I’m little less than 2inches soft and maybe 5 inches hard, and my tiny dick is skinny too. Fits into panties nicely.

      1. I love seeing female comments.
        I want hit my hands an knees an thank you for your comments mistress.

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