How does your penis measure up?

Even though penis size is extremely important, most guys don’t how their penis measures up compared to others. 

That’s all about to change with your help. This SYTD assignment requires you to leave your penis size in the comment area below or you can tweet it out to us.

How does your penis measure up?

The more of you that participate the bigger the ongoing list will become giving everyone an easy way to see how their cock measures up among other men. Penis size matters so join in the fun and expose how big or small you are.

Scroll down and leave your soft and hard dick measurement and show us how you measure up!

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

63 thoughts on “How does your penis measure up?

    1. My small ass penis is also 1.25in soft hard I can get up to 4.5in long. I love having a small dick I use to be embarrassed but now I get so turned on getting laughed at. I swear I blow a load almost every time.

  1. I was just looking at the gallery before I came upon my own post. There are some really nice looking penises here. I would like to chat with others that are in similar situations (others who have tiny little cocks)as myself. Contact me.

    1. Hello fellow tiny member.

      I love to suck on small cocks. I love it when I can make it disappear in my mouth. I have a small one too. Could you share a pic?


  2. Hi there, my penis is 1.3 inches soft and 3.7 inches semi erect. It actually doesn’t get hard anymore. Been a cuck since about 2 weeks after our wedding day.

  3. 1.5 soft
    4 inch hard
    Long stretched balls 6 inch long
    I never get second date.
    Girls always ask if I’m gay.
    Well. Iam.

  4. Caucasion , 54, divorced, 4.9 inch fully hard, 2.9 soft.
    Have had the problem of popping out during sex with
    Every woman I’ve ever had sex with.

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