Penis Size Survey: How do you measure up?

For this penis size survey to work we need you guys to be honest. Don’t try to overestimate your size at all. Simply measure it when you’re completely soft and hard then comment below with your measurements.

Time to find out how you measure up! 

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

474 thoughts on “Penis Size Survey: How do you measure up?

  1. Soft it measures out about 2”
    Hard it measures out about 3.5”
    My SPL(stretched penis length) is right at 3.5” which by definition is clinically a micro penis.

  2. 2.5 inches soft flaccid 3.8 inches hard & fully erect. I’m infertile, suffer from impotence & pre-ejaculation issues. I have never had any body hair so very androgynous but basically I have a more feminised body

  3. Soft ~3 inches and not a grower 🙁
    Hard 3.5 inches exact , Yes I sit…
    Pumped -3.8 inches. So I don’t premi every time.

    My doctor told me at 12 that I lacked testosterone as a fetus and my size was a medical condition, micropenis, sex would be “different” for me.
    I’m grown now and “different” means a few pitty fucks and endless friend zones.

    1. Sorry Jason that’s a tough one I feel for you I’m not too far off your measurements and it really sucks better luck next time buddy!

    1. WOW!! that’s 3 times bigger than mine..I’m only 1in soft and 1.5in almost hard…only the tip shows like a clit

  4. Ines 1/2 inch flaccid and 2 inch fully erecta d only just 1and a half in girf , it goes without saying that I’ve been pussy free for a long long time

  5. I’m about 1 inch soft, and almost 6 inches hard, with an average girth. But I’m an absolute size queen Sissy. I’m always fantasizing about being taken by a number of VERY well hung dominant black alpha bulls. Mmmmmmm…

  6. 0.5 inch soft
    Barely reaching 2 inches erect
    Love to be laughed at by beautiful mistress’s while they’re pegging my boipussy 😍

  7. Small uncut cock here. About 3 inches soft, and 6 inches hard. But really thin, about inch and half circumference. Ex gf didn’t need any lube to take it in the ass it’s that thin

  8. I’m usually about an inch soft, half an inch probably in winter or out the shower.

    Erect I can not get passed the 2 inch mark.

    I’m a chode so thankfully the girth helps me a bit in relation but that’s if I don’t compare it to others at the same time

  9. Soft, it varies a lot in size.
    Hard, 4 & a 1/4 inches which I would be happy with if it were nice & thick.
    No doubt there are others here who can tell you that a thin pencil dick is the worst!!!
    I measured the girth many many times, wishing praying wanting to hit the 4″ mark but never have.
    It’s mostly close to 3 and a half pussy filling gerbil girthed penis 🙁

  10. I’m 45 and my dick is 1/2 inch soft 3 1/2 hard and 1/2 around I love SPH nothing makes me cum harder than women laughing at my little dick and I also love to be watched while jerking off

    1. I have a tiny 1 inch dick, it doesn’t get hard anymore and sometimes it goes inside leaving me what appears to be a pussy. I love it when my wife makes fun of it and calls me pussy mouth in front of guys she’s fucking.

      1. That sounds hot. My wife made fun of me too. I started off watching her fuck her lovers. Before long she was making me suck her boyfriends hard, then licking both of them clean when they were through.

    1. I’m basically close to this. I’m 2.5 inches soft and reach 4 inches hard but, it’s all thanks to Cialis and viagra pills. I’m super impotent at age 40 now truth. Yes. It will Not get hard one bit without the pills. It’s completely useless as a limp noodle. I admit it and speak truth to you all today. It’s like stroking an artificial erection from the pharmacy. I need and want women all over the world to laugh and humiliate me badly for this. Please
      I am the Viagra pill hand fucker

  11. Crossdressing Sissy Denver Shoemaker here to let the world know that I have a small disappointment of dick that’s really thin, has a small head and a set of matching miniature balls. That’s why I’m a sissy that now focuses on pleasuring men with big cocks.

    My limp clit dick is barely 2 inches long.

    1. Absolutely..I am 3 and a half inches hard…it’s thin like a finger. I cum fast too. But I love the Way big dicks stretch my wife

  12. I’m 2.0 inches at my softest and 4.75 inches hard. I still hit 5.0 inches occasionally but those are my averages. Unlike most men, I truly enjoy my small dick and I would like to be even smaller.

  13. I’m a tiny dick loser, less than 3 inches hard and 2 inches soft. Women from my hometown of Fredericksburg Va need to be warned.

  14. sometimes when my dick is at its softest it feels almost inverted. Im circumcised but the skin of my soft shaft covers over the head of my dick and it’s maybe almost a 1/4 inch long. When at it hardest my dick is throbbing at 5 inches long. i don’t feel like a man when it’s soft but i almost do when it’s hard.

    1. That’s a very good range! Broader than mine. If my member goes into full retreat, it looks like a foreskin is starting to form on me too. I can only imagine what it’s like to shrink as much as you do.

  15. Hi , former Cuckold to two HW’s and many attractive gf’s . 1.5 “ cut soft , 4 “ erect . Easily fits in bathroom tissue test .

    1. Strangely I thought I was 5.2 inches, and I thought my dick was ok. Then I realised I was measuring wrong. Turns out im a lot smaller than I thought.

  16. Am I small?
    My penis is 3 inches when hard. It completely disappears inside me when soft.
    Flaccid, I look like I don’t have a penis.

    In High School gym class, we had to change clothes and communilly shower. My classmates made a big deal saying that I didn’t have a penis. The gym teacher asked me if I had a cock and I told him I did. He then proceeded to examine me – in front of all the guys – to find out. He showed them that I did have a penis and they should stop questioning it.

    It remains one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

      1. Pathetic little dicks should be caged permanently, mine has shrunk from years of chastity, and age I guess, it’s such a relief to relinquish control, accept a cage, and put your Superiors need’s first.

  17. My micro penis is a very small half inch and a very small 2″ on a good night😴 and my wife has told me that a small penis lol is a very funny thing to see and tease.

      1. To the person who responded as Anonymous…I’m JC’s wife and have had to endure that pathetic micronub for years, but not any more! I invite you to ridicule him for his lack of manhood, after all, he posted here as part of his needed humiliation.

        1. If you’re looking for a bull I’d love to give you a great dick, I’m 8.625”long and 6.5” around, an I can go all night.

  18. My dick is 2.4 inches soft and 2.5 girth hard it’s 3.1 inches. And 3.1 girth I have never seen another man with a dick as skinny as mine and the head of my dick soft is smaller than the tip of my fiancé pinky finger and doesn’t get that much bigger when I’m hard i also have 2.5 inches of for-skin over my head when fully hard

    1. Mine really is 1.5 soft and 3.3 rock hard.
      My wife likes it much bigger, so she gets it that sometimes.
      I’ve never seen her do it with someone else.

  19. I thought I was the only brother with a short dick. After seeing other small black dicks on this site I feel better knowing I’m not the only brother with a tiny dick and the humiliation I feel inside about its size.
    When I had less weight and was younger my dick measured 5 -3/8″ long I had wondered why women would make comments about its size. Now that I’m overweight my dick only gets up to 3.5 to a little over 4 inches long when rock hard. I never had intercourse with my girlfriend of 17 years she only sucks my dick occasionally. My dick is just too short to get inside her pussy from any position.

    Here are some of the comments and things I have had to accept from women over my lifetime – “Where’s the beef, and “I wish you were 2 inches longer”, I thought only white men had small penises” Some women would just laugh looking at my tiny flaccid dick”, many women only fucking me one time, “being told there the last man had a big dick”, “never being told I have a big dick”, “laughing at me when they see my dick the first time”, “when are you going to put it inside, already being in her pussy”, “do feel me, otherwise telling me she doesn’t feel my dick inside her pussy”. I always had the shortest dick in showering with men and if there was another man occasionally it would be as short as me.
    I have never seen a black man and many white men with a dick when flaccid or erect as short as mine. After all of this, I had to finally accept my dick is truly short and has been known by many women now and in the past for my entire life. If I didn’t have any money or good looks I may have never been able to fuck the women I have met in my lifetime.

  20. Soft I’m 2 inches long and 1/2 inch around
    Hard I’m 5 inches long and 1 1/2 inches around my nickname from all my friends and family is pencil dick

    1. Mine is 1.5 inches soft, 4 inches hard, and 4 inches round, also am a premature ejaculator, and have natural A cup breasts, no use whatsoever to wife, doesn’t even know if I’ve penetrated!

  21. Mine is ZERO inches soft. (turtles into my crotch) and 6″ hard.
    that’s why I cannot pee standing-up… I can’t aim it…

  22. 1.5 inches limp, 3/5 erect. Quite thick (wish it was thinner). I absolutely LOVE being small. SPH is my world, and Masturbation is my mistress!

  23. I have an inney so about negative 0.5, and stay limp 24/7. Have not been able to get hard in several years. When I was able to get hard, it was a little less that 2″ Wife keeps a chastity cage on me and has for over 5 years.

    1. Me too I’m exactly the same size I’m probably only 33/4 inches thick it’s very thin and barely 3and half on a good day also I always cum within 1 minute 95 percent of the time

    1. I’m 2 inches soft and 43/4 hard but thin! Always have a hard dick just thin and small n been told I cum quick! Does he cum quick?

  24. I am about 0.6-0.8 inches soft and about 2.5-3 inches hard and as thin as an index finger. Additionally, I have phimosis.

    1. I’m about the same size and my wife took pictures and showed all her friends now they all laugh at me

    1. I’m 1inch soft too but I’m just about 3 inches erect and I’m 2 3/4 around my wife would love to compare your cock to mine

  25. Mine is 3 inches soft and 4 inches hard. I also have Peronies disease ..which means their is a bend at the base.

  26. My penis is only 2 inches long when flaccid and only 3 inches long when erect. I also only have one testicle.

    1. My wife would love to see a picture of your penis mine is 3 3/4 hard but really thin about 2 inches around and 1 1/2 soft

  27. Wow. Some time when I have spare time I’ll number crunch stats.
    I’m at 1.5-3 Inches soft
    and 4 inches hard
    balls are ofTen way up high and tight.
    I have a major “thing” for bodybuilders with small (good), tiny (better) or Micro (best). IF this is you please contact me.

  28. Erect – Length = 12.5 cm or 4.9″
    Girth = 10 cm or 3.9″

    Flaccid – Length = 6.5 cm or 2.6″
    Girth = 6 cm or 2.4″

  29. I’m a big guy (6’7 and 270 lbs) and I’d like to say I’m pretty strong but still got a little fat.
    I’m only 1 inch soft and 3 inch hard. It looks even smaller because of how big I am!
    Any tips on how to make it bigger?

      1. Thanks guys
        I just got married this September. Did manage to lose a bit of weight so now I’m 250 lbs and not fat anymore! Still tiny down there though haha. My wife can hardly ever feel it so I do share her with my best friend

    1. 3.8” soft , 5,6” hard… I want to be smaller. I know I fall under 7 inches but I don’t feel like I fit in. I want to be 4.5” hard maybe 3” soft. Average is boring!

    2. Me too I’m 1 3/4 soft and 3 3/4 hard and really thin! Plus I cum real fast! Do you too? Can I see pic of your cock?

      1. Lol cute lol I’m shrinking from years. Panty couple. Was 6 hard now 2.5 stiffy. Go soft before any spirited spurt spurts and her stinky pussy spits out a clitty blue balls ripe like grapefruits pulling up our panties we spoon to sleep . My last femdom 5 years

    1. Wow I’m 55 yrs old with a 1 3/4 inch soft penis and a 3 3/4 inch hard penis which is only 2 3/4 in girth it’s very thin my wants to see a pic of your penis hard

  30. I’m 56 yo, Caucasion, 190#, 5’9″, beta, pussyfree, self orgasm denied. I deny my long distance girlfriend any penetration when we are together, oral only and preach to her my need to be a Cuckold as well as my craving to be locked and caged. Luckily with daily estrogen herb intake , I’ve managed to shrink down from 5″ to a proud 4.8″ now. My goal is 3″ inch.

  31. 2.5″ soft, 4.5″ hard….also very thin and weak, barely gets fully hard anymore, but still a severe premature ejaculator too, few touches and gone

    1. Omg that’s me too would love to see your cock that’s my size too plus I’ve always cum in seconds my whole life! Women always made fun of me! How do you deal with it?

    1. I’m 55 yrs old 1 inch soft and 3 1/4 inches hard plus I cum fast so my wife do think your a tint dick loser! She wants a pic of your hard cock

  32. 2 inches soft and 5.5 inches erect.
    It was before it was caged, now it’s 1 inch in the cage and not sure if I will ever see an erection again

  33. My little fellow is about .75-1.00″ soft when it does get hard which is not very often but when it does it will grow to an amazing 4.5″
    I accepted my fate as a young man.

    1. you are the kind of guy that is needed by real men. you are a practice
      fuck. they start young and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until they
      get good. Then no more use so they toss you aside, except of course for
      the occasional blow job. I’m sure you will gladly get on your knees and beg for THE man to put his dick in your mouth and fuck your mouth while you play with your pathetic little dick

    2. Omg we have same name plus I’m 1 3/4 soft and 3 inches hard plus severe case of premature ejaculation too wife hates it think she fucking someone else

  34. Mine is 3″ fully erect. I am such a sissy and deserved to be shamed. I wear knickers 24/7 as it fits so much better in them. No boxers for this sissy

  35. My tiny clit is less than 1″ long and 3/4 inch in diameter soft and 3 inches long and 1.5 inch in diameter hard!

  36. Flaccid Length: -1 – 0.5 inches
    Flaccid Girth: 3 inches

    Erect Length: 1.9 – 2.9 inch(es)
    Erect Girth: 3.75 – 4.25 inches

    You don’t end up becoming President of the Itty Bitty Dick Committee by accident, that position must be earned, and God Damn I earn the fkn hell out of it!

  37. Mine is 1.25 inch long soft and 5 inches hard. It doesn’t shoot like it used to its more of a controlled fall. Ironically I have huge balls and when my dick is flaccid it looks like a snail on a bean bag chair.

    1. OMG… Dave is this you? I knew you were a fucking crossdresser when I overheard Jerry from work telling the other gay-boi Bobbie about how much dick you’re fucking and they both agreed you give the best head they ever had. This is black Dante from local 363. Get a hold of me I’ll feed you 9 thick black inches and you can swallow my load you tiny cock cum slut

  38. Before being permanently caged I was about 2 inches flaccid and just under 6 inches erect. Now, I am in a cage that is 1.5 inches (with room) and I never get erect.

  39. Douglas t. Gugel Aka Sissy Lynn Starr aka tinyppsissywimpfaggot aka adult baby sissy faggot says:

    My micropenis and miniballs are very tiny and small soft and erect , fully erect I am less than two inches long by fingersize width and diameter when fully erect and I have severe premature ejaculation and cum in less than 5 to 10 seconds but I only cum a very tiny miniscule amount of cum. all women I have ever dated dumped me immediately upon seeing my tiny micropenis and miniballs!!! all my ex girlfriends have forced me to be an adult sissy gurl in sissy baby gurl panties and dresses and outfits and makeup Shirley temple wigs and Mary Jane shoes and buttplugs 24/7; only have gay boyfriends since I cannot satisfy a woman like a real man can !!!

  40. My dick is 6.5 inches when soft and measures in at 6 inch in girth

    When rock hard my dick reaches a flat 9 inches while also increasing my girth to 7.4 inches in circumference.

    1. Hi my name is bill my penis 2.5ins. soft and 4ins. hard. Its skinny also so it looks like i have boys penis!

      1. My penis is 1.5inches wide and 2.5.long that’s small you bet in size but I like my small penis and it’s cute MAYBE ONE DAY WE COULD SWAP PICTURES

      2. Omg me too but I’m only 3 3/4 inches hard n really thin my wife says I have a boys penis she is curious to see your penis compared to mine? U have any pictures plus I cum under 30 seconds it’s pathetic

    1. That is the same size i am soft and hard. Has a girl told you have a small dick? One girl told me i look like her 12 year brother!

  41. My flaccid penis is 2.8 Inches long, with a circumference of 3.1 Inches.
    My erect penis is 4.5 Inches long, with a circumference of 4.2 Inches.

  42. I’m Danny Rotz and my tiny sissy dick is so small when soft you can’t measure it and it’s about 1.5 inches fully erect. You can see pictures if you google ” my sissy clitty of a dick 3″ I hope you enjoy and please share it with everyone you can.

    1. Mine is five inches hard, 1.5 inches soft.. I’m a grower, and I have a lot of pubic hair.. hi..

    1. My dick is the same size as yours, and its skinny. I shave my pubic hair. When i am in locker room they look at my penis and smirk.

  43. flacid – just under 1″
    hard – it doesn’t get hard

    I have to use a vibrator to cum, it’s too small to wank

    1. That’s wonderful!!!
      I have been in Chastity for 2.5 years, and my dicklette is at 1.25 in. And, it does not get erect either. I wish mine was as small as yours.

    2. This is how mine is, honestly a lot of times it sits inside my body and would be considered negative in length.

      Flaccid: -1.0inch to .05 inch

      Hard: Doesn’t get hard, cums super easily with vibrations.

  44. Mine is:

    1.5″ soft
    4.0″ hard (it may be slightly smaller if I’m just ‘regular hard’ and not ‘super hard’)

  45. Date of Lastt Measurement 2/14/21 VALENTINES DAY

    Soft 1.8 inches
    Hard 4.2 inches

    In 2011, I was 5.9 inches when hard, but thanks to 10 years of hard work, & harsh MINDFUCKING, from the genius Mikki Sixx,..I’ve shrunk 2 inches, & keep on shrinking more day by day

  46. I have a buried penis and hard 2.8 inches really skinny. Super small balls to. I am interested in humiliation and being exposed.

      1. I love humiliating tasks… I have a nice size penis, but I self chastise and love wearing panties and feminization… let me know if you are interested 😉

  47. Flaccid – Length 7.5 cm (less than 3″)
    Girth 7 cm (2.75″)

    Erect – Length 12 cm (4.7″)
    Girth 9.5 cm (3.7″)

    1. 1.5 inches soft and 4 inches of bitch clit on my sissy ass. I am like a baby with hair and tiny balls useless to women and real men

  48. Hey i have a little clitty and it’s 2inches in girth and length and so adorable and skinny. It grows to 5 INCHES!! when i get excited hehe but i prefer to keep her locked up nice and tight ready for whenever im allowed cummies hehe and ofc always plugged like any good sissy tehe (i love to eat my cummies too ofc…) xx

  49. Soft: Almost always retracted completely with the shaft not visible.

    Hard: I’m completely impotent at this point, but when I could get an erection it was about 4.5” and not very thick.

    I’m still able to ejaculate through my limp penis by masturbating with a lubricant. I cum quickly and have a very strong pleasure sensation as a small quantity of thin semen is released. I can ejaculate 2 or 3 times in quick succession with no recovery time needed.

    I would enjoy it if my wife ridiculed and humiliated me, but she avoids the subject completely. When we were younger I watched her while she had intercourse a few times with several men (on separate occasions) who all had normal (and above) size penises and she quite obviously enjoyed it.

  50. Soft I’m 2.5 sometimes 3 when blood is flowing hahahah… hard I’m 5exactly and 5.6 girth. Good days are 5.8 Lmao

    1. I have erectile dysfunction so when I’m as hard as it gets it’s just under 2.5″ soft it literally shrivels up and is almost completely in hiding.

  51. I’m about 2” soft and
    4 inches hard

    And thin enough to easily slide thru a toilet paper roll 🙂

  52. I’m 1” soft
    I’m 5” hard
    Also, my cock is very thin and I fucking hate it!! HATE IT!!!

    It’s funny (not really) that I wish I had just an “average” size cock. Most men wish they had a bigger cock. Me, I’m not greedy, I just want to have “normal”, “average” size cock!

  53. Hi I’m Tiny Tim and i do mean tiny like a clitty! My pee pee is 3 inches soft and 3 inches hard. The only hope i have is finding a mistress that wants a poor pitiful potential sissy like me!

        1. When he gets excited and stands for me, he is 4.92 inches (12.5 cm) When he is completely soft and I only use him for peeing, he is 1.18 inches (3 cm) The size does not fit a man my age 😉🍆 🔥

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