Penis Size Survey: How do you measure up?

For this penis size survey to work we need you guys to be honest. Don’t try to overestimate your size at all. Simply measure it when you’re completely soft and hard then comment below with your measurements. Time to find out how you measure up! 

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90 thoughts on “Penis Size Survey: How do you measure up?

    1. My dick is the same size as yours, and its skinny. I shave my pubic hair. When i am in locker room they look at my penis and smirk.

  1. flacid – just under 1″
    hard – it doesn’t get hard

    I have to use a vibrator to cum, it’s too small to wank

  2. Mine is:

    1.5″ soft
    4.0″ hard (it may be slightly smaller if I’m just ‘regular hard’ and not ‘super hard’)

  3. Date of Lastt Measurement 2/14/21 VALENTINES DAY

    Soft 1.8 inches
    Hard 4.2 inches

    In 2011, I was 5.9 inches when hard, but thanks to 10 years of hard work, & harsh MINDFUCKING, from the genius Mikki Sixx,..I’ve shrunk 2 inches, & keep on shrinking more day by day

  4. I have a buried penis and hard 2.8 inches really skinny. Super small balls to. I am interested in humiliation and being exposed.

  5. Flaccid – Length 7.5 cm (less than 3″)
    Girth 7 cm (2.75″)

    Erect – Length 12 cm (4.7″)
    Girth 9.5 cm (3.7″)

  6. Hey i have a little clitty and it’s 2inches in girth and length and so adorable and skinny. It grows to 5 INCHES!! when i get excited hehe but i prefer to keep her locked up nice and tight ready for whenever im allowed cummies hehe and ofc always plugged like any good sissy tehe (i love to eat my cummies too ofc…) xx

  7. Soft: Almost always retracted completely with the shaft not visible.

    Hard: I’m completely impotent at this point, but when I could get an erection it was about 4.5” and not very thick.

    I’m still able to ejaculate through my limp penis by masturbating with a lubricant. I cum quickly and have a very strong pleasure sensation as a small quantity of thin semen is released. I can ejaculate 2 or 3 times in quick succession with no recovery time needed.

    I would enjoy it if my wife ridiculed and humiliated me, but she avoids the subject completely. When we were younger I watched her while she had intercourse a few times with several men (on separate occasions) who all had normal (and above) size penises and she quite obviously enjoyed it.

  8. Soft I’m 2.5 sometimes 3 when blood is flowing hahahah… hard I’m 5exactly and 5.6 girth. Good days are 5.8 Lmao

    1. I have erectile dysfunction so when I’m as hard as it gets it’s just under 2.5″ soft it literally shrivels up and is almost completely in hiding.

  9. I’m about 2” soft and
    4 inches hard

    And thin enough to easily slide thru a toilet paper roll 🙂

  10. I’m 1” soft
    I’m 5” hard
    Also, my cock is very thin and I fucking hate it!! HATE IT!!!

    It’s funny (not really) that I wish I had just an “average” size cock. Most men wish they had a bigger cock. Me, I’m not greedy, I just want to have “normal”, “average” size cock!

  11. Hi I’m Tiny Tim and i do mean tiny like a clitty! My pee pee is 3 inches soft and 3 inches hard. The only hope i have is finding a mistress that wants a poor pitiful potential sissy like me!

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