Tiny dicklette can’t even get hard anymore

Tiny dicklette can't even get hard anymore

I deserve to be humiliated for having such a tiny, useless dicklette. With such a small penis, I was never a real man anyway but now, my little tiny dicklette can’t even get hard anymore!

It’s so pathetic at this point that when I jerk off my limp dicklette, I only use 2 fingers and I cum in less then one minute. I really don’t deserve to be called a man anymore! I am nothing but a small dick loser and every women in my life should know about it.

Having a tiny dick is humiliating and pathetic enough as it is but having one that doesn’t even work properly? What a truly pointless little waste of space! Who in the world wants to deal with a little limp dicklette that is a quick cummer? Nobody!

You can’t ever be considered man if you don’t at least have a long thick hard working cock to please a woman with. By the looks of it you have a little thumb size prick and no big hanging balls either. The entire package is worthless!

A tiny shit for dick like you must be kept away from women permanently unless we ask to see something to laugh at.

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One thought on “Tiny dicklette can’t even get hard anymore

  1. Like you I have a little tiny dick doesn’t get hard any more it’s maybe 3.5 only good for peeing and laughing at

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