My small dick problems are enormous: Part 2

My small dick problems are enormous: Part 2

In my first post, I posted a picture of my fully erect dicklette to show my lack of size. But as I mentioned before, I am having really big problems in getting hard. Instead, my penis looks more like this when I am masturbating, all shriveled up and soft. It stays like this while I squeeze and massage my tiny cockhead in between two fingers until I cum.

I also failed many penis size challenges as you can see below:

Having such a tiny penis also means that I am much less of a man. My balls are significantly smaller then those of other men and my semen is very watery and thin. I am a coward and I have very little self confidence. I stutter and tremble when I talk to women. I am weak, anxious around people and I can easily be put into submission.

I am a total small dick loser and I deserve to be humiliated and laughed at for my minuscule penis. My dicklette is tiny, limp and completely useless for sex. Instead, I will keep my pathetic dicklette locked up in a teeny tiny chastity cage for the rest of my life.

Your dicklette is so forgettable that I didn’t even realize you were the same guy that failed practically every challenge we have here on SYTD. What a pathetic little worthless finger looking boner! It’s just plain gross to even look at and the wrinkled up nasty nuts aren’t helping any.

In reality those nuts need to get slapped the fuck up until they are tender and blue balling then just jam that scrawny shit dick into a small chastity cage permanently. Might as well shrink that little shit away to nothing. It’s not good enough for sex, so just stick to getting exposed, laughed at and denied.

I can’t wait to share this over on freakden, reddit and twitter to make sure everyone gets a good laugh at your lack of cock.

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