Do Not Fuck List (Official)

Do Not Fuck List

If your dick is under 7 inches long when fully erect then you need to add yourself to the SYTD DO NOT FUCK LIST immediately.

Simply comment below, share this post, reply on twitter or download and save the image above to share on all of your accounts. You can also submit your pics for inclusion on the list of men that women never want to have sex with, just remember to mention the list when you submit.

Doing any of the above will add you to the official list. Are you on the Do Not Fuck List? If not, you need to get your shriveled up lil’ dick on it now!

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

374 thoughts on “Do Not Fuck List (Official)

  1. 📦 You got a gift from us. Next > 📦 says:


  2. Big Sexy is Nashville has a tiny dick and only lasts 2 minutes. He’s useless when it comes to sex. Do not waste your time ladies! He might be 2.5 inches fully hard!?

  3. 4.5″ and a premature ejaculator. I’m married but pussy free the last 5 yrs, i’m now an addicted, chronic masturbator

  4. .25 inches soft, 3.5 inches erect on a good day. My wife stopped having sex with me years ago because she says I am the worst sex she ever had, smallest penis she has ever had, and never had an orgasm from my micropenis. She has directed me to post again on the Do Not Fuck list.

    JC in the Carolinas

  5. Branden McArthur from ID definitely belongs on this list with his tiny 3 inch dick. It’s no wonder he begs to be pegged.

  6. I am officially on the list. Nearly 4 inches hard, a few millimeters more than 1 inch soft. Sadly, I have plenty of photos here proving it.

  7. My name is Adithya Biju. Iam from India, kerala and I definitely desrve to be on the do not fuck list with my tiny clitty.

  8. My name is Denver Shoemaker and I deserve to be on the Do Not Fuck List. I have a skinny little barely average boner, small balls and love banging my ass with dildos like it’s a pussy. I’m a virgin that doesn’t ever deserve to get pussy.

  9. My useless husband deserves to stay at the top of this list! Fully erect he is barely over 3 inches…he is so small I can’t even feel him inside me. It literally falls out no matter what position we have sex in. Big Sexy is far from being big!

    1. I would wish to use my lips hands and tongue to give you pleasure .If your husband has any submissive tendency it could be exploited to your advantage. Give him an ultimatum and let him think about it for a while

      1. I’ve been fucking other men,real men for over 20 years. He can’t even get it up anymore. He’s a pathetic cuck no matter if he knows it or not.

  10. Absolutely belong on this list with my shrimp dick. It’s less than inch soft and under 4 at its hardest. Last woman that saw me naked said it looked like a mosquito bite. Have shrimp tattoo right above it.

  11. Please add me to the list. My penis is so small flaccid, it may as well not even exist. And when I do get erect, it’s a whopping 4.5 inches. While I’m not in chastity, I do think it’s where my pathetic little dick should belong.

  12. LittleDickWankerJay: Diagnosed Micro Penis
    As you can see from my photos my weewee flaccid is an inverted inny and fully erect less than 2 inches in length. My mother began taking me to doctors when I was younger. She was concerned my penis was not growing. A urologist diagnosed micro penis and observed that my pee hole was almost microscopic. At that time there was no “safe” treatment. He told her to wait until I reached puberty, advising that often boys grow out of their “micro penis” condition. Well, my weewee never grew and my erection was never more than 2inches – well within the micro penis range. i am a virgin, with an unfuckable micropenis. I masturbate chronically and compulsively to SPH from men and women.

  13. Im 3 inches hard and a half inch soft. It looks like an inny belly button then. Its thick. But that makes it a chode and i dont think that makes circumstances better.

  14. I have a miniature 3 inch dick. I’m a sissy faggot because of it, so I’m only sexually attracted to men now. Not that I could please a female sexually anyway, LOL

    1. I feel similar. I mean i have a 3 inch dick hard. And maybe a half inch when flaccid. Its so embarrassing. I love women. But i also dont want to disappoint them. Ive slept with a few guys always been the bottom but they never say anything about my dick so its less humiliating. Ive never had a girl negatively say anything in person to me about my dick. But im sure they were just being nice. And i always made sure id go down on them and make them cum that way. So i didnt seem selfish. It makes me feeel so inadequate though.

    2. Brian,
      Don’t feel bad, like you I’ve turned into a “bottom”. I couldn’t please my wife, she fooled me said “O your dick is perfect”! She liked the money I made and after 3 months all I ever got from her was a blow job maybe once a month or she would jack me off. Then she would have me use a rather huge strap on dildo on her , and then have me clean her up with my tongue. One night I got in bed she said she was horny and asked me if I wanted to fuck, I excitedly said yes ,she pulled the covers down slowly. Saw her bare breast, those lovely tiny nipples and then her sexy belly button and then Surprise, she had the strap on dildo on and told me to get naked and suck her cock…I did as told ..and would rub a finger around her clit only to be told to stop..My little cock was throbbing and hard as a rock. She got the lube out and she got off the bed and pulled my body towards the edge of the bed. The put my legs on her shoulders took the lube and squirter it on my boy pussy and all over her black hard cock and slipped it into my crack.. then began pushing the head into my tight hole, I whimpered as the head entered me. Had to have her take it out…it she proceeded to push it back inside my boy pussy , this time she had about 2 inches inside me after she had stretched my pussy , she began slowly sliding her cock into me ” balls” deep, I am on my back, legs in the air taking all 8 inches of her cock( the dildo) taking dirty to me my tiny cock looks like a clit, she’s deep stroking that cock into me as she’s rubbing my nub size ding-a-ling, within about 4 minutes she had me cumming all over my tiny balls…So I’d get to cum if she was able to fuck men in my butthole. She asked me if I really loved her, I said yes.. she said she had picked out a young man that went to school with my step daughter that she wanted to fuck her( if I’d let her) and if I let her fuck him ( with me on the bed with them) that she would let me fuck her in her butthole, that her Bull would fuck her pussy and I could fuck her in the ass…I agreed…yes! What I never thought I’d do was suck a guys dick, but I became a sissy, I would do whatever she told me..I’d suck his dick with her , swallow his cum or swallow his cum from out of her freshly fucked pussy. Eventually she would have him fucking my butthole and cumming inside me…we’ve been married now for 21 years, she’s changed “Bulls” after about every 6 months. I’ve never been happier but believe I’m going to ask for a divorce, because I’m more attracted to guys with big thick cocks and now have a fantasy of being fucked by a BUG BLACK COCK…well hope you ground that having a tiny dick isn’t as bad as you may think…there are rich men out there that like a good “bottom” type guys…-
      – Joe

  15. We gotta keep my loser husband at the top of this list! Danny’s 3.5 inch nub which only manages to get hard once a month and only lasts about 3 pumps definitely belongs on the top of this list!

    1. Mine is only 1 inch soft and barely 2.5 inches hard if you can call it hard .most of the time I can’t get up to 2.5 inches. Just oozes clear cum … definitely belong on this list

    2. I am so excited for Wives to pin are worthless tiny cocks to a list to end the men like me and I’m heading to the cock and balls slaughter for the Goddess Rule

      1. Omg! Aren’t you telling the truth!!! I hate it so much disappointing women The way that I do whenever I try having sex with them. I get way too excited right from the start & usually orgasm within 30 seconds. My dick goes limp for no reason and I know it’s been bothering my girlfriend enough that she Went ahead and started having an affair with a more capable man.

        1. I’m so proud of you Michael for realizing what I’m pretty sure you already knew; pussy just isn’t your thing and never has been, you’re a terrible lay at best and I know you think of cock constantly & there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve watched you suck dick because I made you suck dick.
          enjoy it!

          1. Thank you Claudia! Yes, I’ve been with only other men since you left me and even came out as gay! I own my tiny dick and love bottoming for men who are soooo much bigger and better than me.

          2. I was not expecting this response but thank you and yes, you are right pussy isn’t for me and I have been staying away from girls and letting cock work me rather often

  16. My name is Scott G and I’m a tiny dick loser with a 3 inch penis when fully hard. Women from my hometown of Fredericksburg need to be warned!

  17. My little virgin dick is just under 4 inches when erect, the only girl whoever saw it laughed at it, I’ve never let anyone else see it. I tend to keep it in chastity, my excuse for never having sex.

  18. Seems like the women in my life, whether close friends or those i work with who are further out from my inner circles, to those at the market or at the gym, either know i’m ” ‘unfuckable’

    every move yo every new job it always happens. They find out and word spreads. i know when my department at school, the administrative staff, even the guys. The worst is if any of the Alphas are disrespectful enough to let me they know. Bullies.

    Right now everybody knows, its passed down through the years.
    fear embarrassment and loneliness.

    my name is Jeff Emer… and i have a micro penis.

  19. Short dick. Small head. As big around as a pencil.
    Can’t fuck worth shit.
    Kenny C . Don’t fuck him
    3 1/2 dick

  20. My name is earl cooke
    My dick is only 5.5 inchs kinda thick but my wife and i dont have sex. Maybe masturbation or oral but she needs to get fucked by a real cock.

    1. I can relate to this. I should also be on the Do Not Fuck List with my small limp little nub of a dick. My wife needs a real man with a big man size cock to pleasure and satisfy her properly.

  21. I’m Brandon Maddox; Nashville TN and started over 6.5” but health testosterone etc and it shrank down below 5.5” now after letting my only wife Hotwife me I’m A wanna be cuck and wanna shrink my pathetic undersized half hard penis down below 4.5” and ofc who knows

  22. My husband’s dick is only 3.5 inches erect…now he’s impotent and completely useless. I really need to get fucked properly cause Danny Luckett can’t get the job done.

    1. I like your style Amy. I have been exposing the pathetic loser I dated for years. I was with him for a few months. Seemed promising until we had sex. Then he whips out his tiny 3 inch dick. Like seriously what am I suppose to do with that. I love to see him squirm now as I have told everyone I know and blast him any chance I get for having a little baby dick. Hope you’re still out there baby dick Billy Beauchamp, all alone jerking your little two finger wanker.

      1. Yep,I tell everyone we work with also…they all know he’s packing a micro nub. I’ve had dozens of affairs over the years and everyone of them has had nearly twice as big of dick as my useless husband. It’s about that time again…

      2. I absolutely love this!!!! Hearing the truth is what many of us needed! I was cheated on so many times and was afraid to tell the girls I was with how much I loved it how much I didn’t deserve them. I finally met the right woman confessed everything to her, including how much I thought about sucking cock. I’ve been pussy free five years, Constantly friend zoned, can’t really call myself bisexual when I never get pussy anymore just a faggot and that’s OK. Expose all of us just don’t fuck us!

    2. Hey amy, I just turned 18. My dick is 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in width, would you like if I come to your house and me and you have sex in-front of ur locked husband while he eats my balls and licks my feet? Then I can have him clean up my dick and your pussy

  23. I have a micronub that is . 25 inches soft and 3.5 inches hard. My wife stopped having sex with me because I have never given her an orgasm, I am so small I fall out during sex, and she says I am the worst sex she has ever had. She keeps me in panties and locks me in chastity so no woman will ever have to suffer through sex with me ever again. She has enjoyed fucking real man cock for years now, instead of me. 100% belong on the do not fuck list!

    1. JC in the Carolinas (?} that is truly a micro dick and your wife deserves much better, you loser!

      Post a picture so I can get a good laugh.

      1. My wife agrees and refuses to have sex with me any more.

        You can see a picture of how gross it is if you search for ” What is it” and thank you for the humiliation.


  24. I have a 1 inch cock that doesn’t get hard anymore been pussy free for about three years now and I don’t miss it . I just squeeze my inverted cock to cum or use a dildo up my ass to cum and that’s a intense orgasm then I eat it up love ❤️ it, don’t ever want to go back👩🏻‍🦰👰‍♀️👙👙

  25. I have a 3.9 inches dick been posting my pics here many times and I jus realized I deserve be put into this list

  26. Add John W from South Florida. 3.3 inch hard dicklet. Closeted married sissy that loves draining bbc. Trying to convert wife to a bbc slut so we can eventually share bbc and have her keep me permanently in chastity and be pussy free for the rest of my life.

  27. 3 inches hard
    Soft less than an inch
    I’m completely useless and am here to make women laugh and degraded me

    I can’t please a woman and I’ve been pussy free for 10 years

  28. Branden McArthur from Idaho. Have 1 inch soft. 3 1/2 inches hard on a good day. Definitely don’t have enough dick to please a woman. Belong locked 🔒 in chastity and Sergio her with my tongue.

  29. Less than 5″ hard here, 1.5″ soft. Always been a pathetic, no control ejaculator during sex as well. Married but wife hasn’t wanted sex with me in years, i’m now a pathetic, small dicked, addicted, compulsive masturbator

    1. Im a small dick loser dakota s. 25 from ca im a small asian dick loser thats only 5 fully erect

  30. hi i am sissycdcandy1 n im here to confess n show the world my little useless not even 3″ dick
    it n i am pathetic for having such a small dick
    that my wife left me in 1986 n liv in gf of 5 yrs left me also she said i need a real man with a real not that pittyiful excuse for a dick n she left
    i absolutely deserve too be alone the rest of my life n be put on the do not fuck list ( not that i can get hard enough to fuck) please add me

  31. 45 year old Sissy Haley From Canada , barley 5 icnhes when hard , I am complete failure and given up being a man to live as a fulltime Sissy

  32. I’m 5.5 when rock hard. Definitely not doing the job and probably one of the smaller cocks in Boston if anyone wants to make fun of me

  33. My husband Jason (Melbourne Australia) and his glorious 12 cm erection!
    A lot of you say your dicks are small but at least they have some fat, his is like a skim milk version.
    I’d call it a pencil dick but that would imply some length, a pencil stub is more fitting 🙂

    1. For those wanting inches not centimeters – four and a half inches. I got to measure the girth also, three and a half inches, perhaps a little more but way short of four 🙁

  34. Cole Minter from Georgia. I definitely belong on the do not fuck list. I’m absolutely pathetic and very submissive. My little “dick” is only 4in FULLY hard and I love taking it in the ass!

  35. I am paul, im from Rochester ny i have a very tiny 1 1/2 inch clit when hard soft i have nothing there. I ahould deff be on this list. No girl wants to touch this nasty thing.

      1. Hey I’m Josh Cross I’m from Ironton, Ohio. I’m 5’4, 130 lbs. I have a 2.5 inch baby dick and tiny balls. Everyone who knows me knows im useless but I think the whole world should know.

  36. My name is Nick I’m from Ohio I’m fat and my cock is only about 5.5” hard and less than one soft I’m pathetic idk how my fiancé is with me

  37. I have a 3/4″ soft, 2.75 fully erect dick. I certainly belong on this list. I also have posted the image on my other accounts

  38. At less than an inch soft and just under 4 hard I must be on the list. If I try to fuck it just slips out.

  39. My tiny dick gets to 4″ on a good day, so I guess I belong on the list. Nobody would want to be fucked by my useless little cock.

  40. All women laugh at me and call me babydick and Vienna sausage dick and tell me to just stop trying to be a man or even stop dating women and just be a gay sissy for men then they tell me to only wear panties and diapers since I have a babydick they say , I have cried so many times I don’t think I can cry anymore everyone I know knows I have a micropenis and miniballs premature ejaculation and lifelong bedwetter I’m only two inches long by finger size diameter when fully erect even smaller when limp women call me gay and sissy and wimp and cuckold and queer and faggot and I always cry when they call me those names every girlfriend I ever had cuckolded me with huge giant penis real men and even made me lick their giant stinky sweaty hairy balls and assholes while they fucked my girlfriend’s as I cried , I am so ashamed and embarrassed and humiliated they even took photo’s of me dressed up as a sissy baby gurl in diapers and dresses Mary Jane shoes and makeup and Shirley temple wigs and posted the photo’s everywhere on gay site’s and sissy site’s and website’s and twitter and even magazine’s to my utter embarrassment and shame and horror !!! I guess I will never be thought of as a real man ever again ? Not that I ever was before all my exes cheated on me and tried to turn me gay by making me suck cock’s , ball’s , assholes and get buttfucked and be a sissy gurl they forced me to as I couldn’t fight back because all my girlfriend’s were much stronger than me and beat me up until I cried then made me be gay with gay men they know and they took photo’s and video’s of it and sent them to magazine’s and website’s to humiliate me forever !!! I’m so ashamed I cry all the time and I never will date ever again , I’m way too embarrassed to do so or even try !!!

      1. Me too ! 2 inch erect diagnosed micropenis here; completely buried when flaccid. Tried fucking pussy 3x in my life and failed all three times to penetrate – basically i’m too tiny to penetrate! No pussy for me but i love being so useless, tiny, submissive, a total fail-male. Masturbating chronically and compulsively for SPH is my sex life and i luv it !

  41. My name is Robert Weaver and I belong on the do not fuck list as my penis is a little sissy dick thin and 3 inches hard.
    My wife cucked me into being a sissy and fed me hormones to sissify me. She takes only BBC now. So do I.

    1. Robert Weaver from Kentucky???

      I fucked your wife like 5 times in 2018
      You were in the shower I fucked her on the couch.

      1. Good job letting his wife get good dick for once, keep fucking her my guy let her get good dick. Btw next time fuck her infront of that faggot and impregnate her

      2. Ty for taking pussy from me

        Little Dick Sissys don’t deserve pussy

        Ty for taking what’s yours
        Will you tell everyone plz that you took pussy from me multiple times

        Sissybeccataryn on X

      3. Yes
        Sissy remembers

        Sissy was stroking my Clitty in the shower while you stretched my wife so she could only feel you

  42. Add Nick from Ohio to this list. fat ass faggot has only a 2 inch dick when he can actually get it hard and no balls he’s my ugly fat ex

  43. My Name Is James Hocum and I am 2 and 3/4 inches hard, I can’t even penetrate a woman far enough to get her pregnant, put me on the do not fuck list please.

  44. Dustin from Alexandria, VA is on the Do Not Fuck List. 4 inches, skinny as a finger, cums in 30 seconds when he actually does get hard. Usually, (s)he is limp. His wife has fucked him 5 times in 6 years, but usually cucks him with bigger and better dicks.

  45. My penis is smaller than 12cm (4.7 inches), it doesn’t get really hard and I always cum between 15-50 seconds. I think I know why I have never been able to satisfy a woman vaginally and sex with me is avoided.

  46. I am now transitioning to female as I have never been able to fully identify as a man. My clit dick is 3 1/2″ fully aroused, making me just a laughing point to women… they either count me as a trainee girl or a boy who hasnt hit puberty properly yet.

  47. My erect length sits strong at 2inch long, 1 inch wide. I’m sure mascara is bigger than my little dick

  48. My penis is 4.5 inches long and 4.5 inches around. I definitely have never needed to unroll a condom all the way and it almost always slips off.

  49. I’m 45 and my cock has been getting small with age, I’m 3 inches and wife uses toys all the time now basically pussy free, I’m a premature ejeculator last 30 sec it’s a miracle

    1. Totally the same here Martin. 42 years old, 4inches hard here but barely even get fully hard anymore. Lifelong habitual premature ejaculator which got even worse with time. My dicklet not touched my wife’s pussy for 2 years and last time I managed about 3 thrusts in 5 seconds before spurting in her. A total porn addict too but even then only manage few seconds of stimulation every time……so guess will be pussy free for life

  50. I’m 3.5″ when hard. My wife of 18 years recently made me a cuckold with a big cocked younger coworker. I am now on her Do Not Fuck List. I get finger pussy… my thumb and index finger. I’m too small to fuck my whole hand. If my own wife will no longer fuck me, I should definitely be added to the Do Not Fuck List!

  51. please add me cause my weiner is getting shrunken and gets smaller everyday. its a hard 2 inch if i’m lucky but can’t get hard much anymore! My Goddess want it gone and me pussy free so if you can add and expose me on this list she will be most greatful!

  52. Help me put this pathetic loser with his tiny dick on blast. He has a tiny cock smallest I have ever been with and couldn’t feel a thing. I want everyone to know about his little cock and expose him for having one. His name is Billy Beauchamp and it’s like 3 inches, add him to the list!!!

    1. Wait I knew a guy by the same name I dated it was the only micro penis I have been with My friends and I used to make fun of him all the time. Got to be the same one lol he was tiny for sure but he knew how to eat a girl out…

      1. Oh wow, not surprising at all!! Another poor victim. Sorry to hear you had to encounter the baby dick loser. I’m sure it’s the same guy. Decent looking with the tiniest dick ever? I remember him trying to fuck me, being soft and gentle I was like umm I can’t feel a thing then I saw what he was packing and laughed. Loser could barely get it inside of me. I’ve been finger banged better hehe 😜

  53. This guy has a little micro dick who definitely belongs on the do not fuck list. A pathetic cock you will never feel don’t waste your time with him. He is on blast now hope everyone finds out about his baby dick.

  54. My erect penis is 3 1/4 inches long. I’ve lived and learned enough that I know I belong on the do not fuck list.

  55. Master got me good last night. Buttfucked me so long and hard I cum, slobbered all thru panties and pantyhose mask. He says he’ll be back again in a day or so. Oh I’m gonna precum now !!

  56. My wife told me recently that she no longer can put up with pretending that my tiny penis satisfies her and that she no longer wants to have sex with me. I am 1″ soft and about 4 ” fully erect which rarely happens thanks to being in chastity. No fuck list please for me.

  57. Need to be added on the Do not fuck list. My cock barely reaches 3.5 inches hard and half an inch soft. My ex wife always had my cocklet in panties. Have not had sex with a woman in 9 years now.

  58. I need to add myself to the Do Not Fuck List, because my penis measures only 4.7 inches in length and 4.3 inches in girth.

  59. Yes, I also belong to that list. My Clitty is to small and always limp. It is useless. As I’m a sissy it fits very well to me. 💕

  60. 5-5,5inch when hard, didn’t fuck even when was bigger over 7 inch(last fuck 2009,last lick /saw pussy 2014-pussy free pledge) just get fuck when can…now i’m 1 year sexless

  61. Please add me to the official Do Not Fuck List. 4.10 inches hard Beta Male, closet panty wearing Sissy. Thank You sincerely. -Greg

  62. I’m barely 5 inches long when erect… not that anyone can ever see my erection since I’m locked in chastity. My ex-wife/Mistress would never in a million years let me fuck her. Only way I was allowed is with a strapon. I remain in chastity even though we are not together, She still holds my key until another comes along to claim it.

  63. I’m a sissy beta bitch and cuck. I have a tiny 4in dick. I’m lucky that my gf allows me to be the clean up bitch and fluffer for her alphas. Please add me to the do not fuck list. I accept my place as an inferior beta.

  64. Add Me to the list!! Mine is 5″hard and 1.75 soft. and premature ejaculator. Gf wont fuck me any more and keeps my little penis locked in a cage, and makes me wear panties.

    1. No worries there Steve, same here. About 4.5 inches hard but thin and weak…and a habitual premature ejaculator. Happy if I even make that 10 seconds, though now been pussy free for 4 years, I doubt even could make it in.
      Love being a pathetic beta loser

    1. Amazing!…my aspirations! A long way to go still, but managed 6 years now, only my own handpussy for my small premature ejaculator dicklet

  65. Panty Ass Paul.. This is your master niJger dickington and you owe me one weeks ass payment. If you aren’t in panties,masked, and hosed by 2 am I’m coming to collect… 11inch assrape style.. Remember the last time? U could stand or walk straight for a week..

  66. When i was a teen, my mom took me to a urologist and asked her why i had a small penis. The doctor said that from my measurements i’m classified as having a micropenis. My full erection is 2.75 inches which is 5 cm. When soft it is an innie and not visible

    1. A urologist and andrologist both diagnosed micropenis but told us to follow up yearly (i was prescribed testosterone) until i went through puberty . At 19 yo Mom and i went back to both doctors and they confirmed the original diagnosis of micropenis. But it was determined that i was on the “larger” end of the micropenis scale because even though my length was not even 2 inches erect, my peepee had grown in girth to almost 4 inches. BTW soft i am also an innie and not visible.!

  67. i have been pussy free fro 5 years because i cannot satisfy a woman. 2.5 soft 5.5 hard.
    she has had me sucking cock instead.

  68. My wife and I met at university in the early 1970’s. It is here that we began having sex. We are now both in our late sixties. We have not had sex for over forty years. She is the only woman that I have fucked. I get my sexual release from cottaging (a gay slang term, originating from the United Kingdom, referring to anonymous sex between men in a public lavatory or cruising for sexual partners with the intention of having sex elsewhere) and sucking cock and swallowing cum.
    My limp cock is 2′ and 5.5′ when erect. I suffer from erectile dysfunction and rarely see it fully erect.

  69. I still remember the first time being told that I have a small dick. I was in school and had two girls that I fucked the same day within 10 minutes of each other.The first girl had been with a lot of guys, when I went to fuck her I wasn’t fully hard but still managed to do it. Cumming in her in less than a minute I left her and walked a couple houses up to the other girl with the same out come, not fully hard and Cumming in less than a minute.

    The next morning on the school bus a girl who was friends with the first girl loudly told me she was told that not only was my dick little I couldn’t get hard even the the bus driver laughed as everyone else did. I was then asked to pull it out so she could see, so I said no if you want to see it, you pull it out. So she did. When she pulled out my dick she began to laugh saying her clit was bigger.

    Then at school several girls started to ask the same thing hearing from the other girl about my small limp cock I just tried to ignore it. We had an assembly that day in the gym where I was running late so I was last in. Then suddenly someone from behind pulled down my pants and everyone saw my tiny 1 inch soft cock and everyone laughed even the teachers that were around.

      1. YUP a lot of women – particularly hard core bodybuilders- have clits quite a bit bigger than my erect peepee. And yup it’s intensely embarrassing and makes me cum and cum.

  70. I deserve to be registered for the SYTD DO NOT FUCK LIST.

    21 years pussyfree, “Member of the #PussyfreeClub”
    52 years-sissy-small dick-loser
    sexually i only knew my ex wife between 23 and 32 years old since nothing

  71. My sissy clitty is 0.5 inch when rock hard and 0.2 inch when soft.
    Please add me to your list,and tell the whole world that I am a failure as a man.

  72. My husband needs to be on this list! Danny L has a half limp 3.5 inch little clitty. He cant fuck longer than 2 minutes without blowing his useless load.

    1. Before I knew I was a BBC loving dickless sissy faggot I tried fucking women but my 1.5 inch micro clitty always popped on the outside of their pussies & went limp instantly. I still don’t know what the inside of a woman’s pussy feels like.

    2. I have a tiny dick that looks like a mushroom cap when I sit down so no car blowjobs for me! I love that you hate your husbands dick as my wife hates my 3-4” stub and at 46 is finally Gonna experience as many big dick Bulls as we can find! I’m glad you hate your husbands stublet and you deserve to enjoy as many cocks right in front of him as you can,as you and your Bull humiliate hubby all pm! He sounds like he should suck Bulls dicks and have them take his manhood right up his ass! I love SPH compared to men with real dicks my wife loves,recently finally wants every aspect of Cuckoldings! Enjoy big Dicks

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  74. Since my nub has been permanently caged for almost 2 years (now down to a 1.5 inch cage) I am most assuredly on the ‘no fuck list’.

  75. As my photos have already been published here:

    Better add me to the Do Not Fuck list as well …

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    I tried fucking once, and she didn’t feel anything. Since then I only take it up the arse.

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    My erect dick measures 4.5 Inches in length and 4.2 Inches in circumference…
    I can’t even compare to a 7 Inch cock…
    My dick is way too small for having sex…

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    1. Arthur, My name is Matt and I should be added as well you are remarkable for coming forward to admit of a worthless pinky dick. I think us guys should support one another and give each other a helping hand I think we should become gay.

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    I should only ever be ridiculed and/or abused by women, under no circumstances should I ever get to fuck one ever again.

    1. I appreciate your honesty, Peter. Tiny dick losers like us should admit what we are and face the laughter and humiliation we deserve. I’m a dickless asshole, too, and have learned to face life as a loser.

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    Not tried to have real sex (I say tried as I kept slipping out last time) with a woman for about 8 years (I’m 44) and I think I’m a hand pussy hummper for life now

  86. Just about 3.5 ” now..

    Been a long journey and daddy wants to make it smaller. So be it.. I mean I’m not the one doing the fucking anymore anyways. Lol

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  104. Alex 19
    2 inches and been on hormones for 3 years
    Pussy free all my life and locked since i uploaded pic of my first cage

  105. OMG definitely add me. My itty bitty little guy is locked up and I’m totally useless to girls lol

  106. Please add me to The List.
    Just under 5″ fully hard Beta male. Constant ongoing problem of
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    I haven’t had sex for 10 years now (I’m 38) and I can see me remaining sexless & pussy free for the foreseeable future. I struggle to get a 4 1/2″ erection, and at all other times I’m about an inch.

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  111. Add me i am 4.5 – 5 inches at best when erect about 1-2 soft. I get it is useless – and i am super fast too so even worse. have not had sex in over 8 years because.

    This is ok because it made me realize how submissive i am and that I should be a servant for women as i am not useful sexually. I love helping with chores, cleaning, laundry, etc. Make me useful and fulfilled.


      1. I have a little dick panty wearing white male but I like to be humiliated while getting pounded by 10 inch bbc. It feels so good… uh..

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