Do Not Fuck List (Official)

Do Not Fuck List

If your dick is under 7 inches long when fully erect then you need to immediately add yourself to the SYTD DO NOT FUCK LIST.

Simply comment below, share this post, like/rt/reply on twitter or download and save the image above to share on all of your accounts. Doing any one of them will add you to the official list.

Are you on the Do Not Fuck List? If not you need to get your shriveled up lil’ dick on it now!

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158 thoughts on “Do Not Fuck List (Official)

  1. I deserve to be registered for the SYTD DO NOT FUCK LIST.

    21 years pussyfree, “Member of the #PussyfreeClub”
    52 years-sissy-small dick-loser
    sexually i only knew my ex wife between 23 and 32 years old since nothing

  2. My sissy clitty is 0.5 inch when rock hard and 0.2 inch when soft.
    Please add me to your list,and tell the whole world that I am a failure as a man.

  3. My husband needs to be on this list! Danny L has a half limp 3.5 inch little clitty. He cant fuck longer than 2 minutes without blowing his useless load.

    1. Before I knew I was a BBC loving dickless sissy faggot I tried fucking women but my 1.5 inch micro clitty always popped on the outside of their pussies & went limp instantly. I still don’t know what the inside of a woman’s pussy feels like.

  4. Hi! My name is Nathan Alexander and my cock is 4.5 inches fully hard. I havnt had sex in almost 3 years though i have tried many times… I belong on the do not fuck list.

  5. Since my nub has been permanently caged for almost 2 years (now down to a 1.5 inch cage) I am most assuredly on the ‘no fuck list’.

  6. I have a 4-inch dick and thin too. I have only fucked one woman in my life and I could never even make her cum. Definitely belong on the no-fuck list. Women deserve better than what I can give them.

  7. I am 3/4 inch long after taking a Viagra about as round as a small pinky finger. My parents took me to several doctors back when I was young, obviously with no luck. After I became a teenager it was no longer discussed. My mother always spoiled me, I know she felt sorry for me. My father had no time for me whatsoever. I have never been with a girl. I was never gay but I eventually embraced a gay bottom Lifestyle. I am now very comfortable with it and enjoy it immensely. I can orgasm hands-free from anal sex. I had my first blowjob on my 18th birthday. It was amazing. I am 23 now and would have liked to have had a family of my own. I was looking for a surrogate, for artificial insemination, only to find out that I was sterile. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  8. I’m 4 inches fully hard. Definitely need to be on the Do Not Fuck list.

    I tried fucking once, and she didn’t feel anything. Since then I only take it up the arse.

  9. I think I should be on this list…
    My erect dick measures 4.5 Inches in length and 4.2 Inches in circumference…
    I can’t even compare to a 7 Inch cock…
    My dick is way too small for having sex…

  10. I’m a 23 year old virgin with a small erect penis of 4,8 inch.
    I deserve to be on the list ^^

    1. Arthur, My name is Matt and I should be added as well you are remarkable for coming forward to admit of a worthless pinky dick. I think us guys should support one another and give each other a helping hand I think we should become gay.

  11. I’m a white male with a 3-inch wiener erect. That, along with my still growing 40-inch potbelly, skinny arms & legs, and ugly face mean that I should be on the official Do Not Fuck list for sure, along with the rest of you.

  12. I’m 4.7 inches hard. Not had sex with a woman since 2014, but I suck cock and take it in the arse whenever I can. I believe tiny dick losers like me should be publicly outed and identified, lol. I have lots of pics of myself all over the net (lots on SYTD including SYTD mag covers!) and almost always show my undisguised face + pathetic little dick. Have been exposed online on a couple of occasions with my real name and full address! Also been recognised and openly mocked on the street. Am proud to be one of the first displayed Tiny Dick Losers on Google Images! I used to be known as Horny Little Runt & sometimes Shrimp-Dicked Gimp, but have now settled on Peter Fluffer.

    I should only ever be ridiculed and/or abused by women, under no circumstances should I ever get to fuck one ever again.

    1. I appreciate your honesty, Peter. Tiny dick losers like us should admit what we are and face the laughter and humiliation we deserve. I’m a dickless asshole, too, and have learned to face life as a loser.

  13. Please add me – I have a tiny penis – well below every average I’ve seen anywhere. Even below the “small average”

  14. My dick is nearly 6 inches, but sadly have realised that it doesn’t satisfy most women and so I really should be on the list please.

    1. Mine is 4 inches hard and cant satisfy any one except to male with my mouth and ass that’s what I have cum to accept I one had a trans girl friend who was bigger than me luckily she was a top she was 5 inches she got to use all my holes

    1. better than me I might be able to take 6 inches so you are fuckable use that ass to satisfy tops that’s what we are her for right accept that, I did.

      1. do you prefer small over big? if a girl would have me I like small tits flatter the better

  15. Please add me .. 4.5″ hard (not that I get that hard) and about 2″ soft
    Not tried to have real sex (I say tried as I kept slipping out last time) with a woman for about 8 years (I’m 44) and I think I’m a hand pussy hummper for life now

  16. Just about 3.5 ” now..

    Been a long journey and daddy wants to make it smaller. So be it.. I mean I’m not the one doing the fucking anymore anyways. Lol

  17. My penis is under 6 in long, and has almost no girth. I’m locking in chastity and hoping to shrink so I get even more pathetic. Please add me to the pussy free list

  18. I need to be added. I haven’t had pussy in 3 years. I have a tiny 4.5” white penis and can only get hard for BBC and SPH. I need to be in chastity because I play with my little penis all the time. Follow me on Twitter @geogiacuck

  19. Please add me to the Do Not Fuck List. My cock is 3.9 inch fully erect. I am pussy free for about 30 years. Only my butt hole is used by my dominant wife and alpha males.

  20. A life-long loser in my early 30’s, virgin, 5 inch premature ejaculating cock, cum eater, wishing my former boss would kick my nuts. Being humiliated and handing women money is life, while remaining pussy-free.

  21. Rj is my name. I am in Connecticut USA and I belong on the Do Not Fuck List. My tiny little fag boi clitty is incapable of satisfying a woman and in the hierarchy of men my destiny is to serve Alphas who are true men.

  22. The perfect list! Please add me. 4.5 inch thin dick. A 40 year old habitual premature ejaculator, been pussy free for 3 years… Only hand pussy and eating my own cum for me now.

  23. My name is Pat and my 5 incher is so thin that my ex would often ask ‘is it in yet’? Don’t bother with my pecker.

  24. My name is Tom. I am a pathetically tiny penis cuckold husband. My pathetic clit is only 1 inch thick and 3 inches long, if I take Viagra and get really hard. My wife has stopped any attempt by me for penis penetration over 15 years ago. She has 14 lovers currently, I suck them hard, watch them fuck, eat the mess, and lick them both clean. My wife has given me to her 5 gf’s for them to have their husbands use, so the ladies can have lovers and not neglect hubby. I am to be placed on the”Never Fuck, but Get Fucked” list. This means anyone who visits, Northeast Pennsylvania near Wilkes-Barre should contact me so I can show my pathetic penis to as many humiliators as possible.

  25. Women do NOT fuck Thomas Jones. His dick is tiny and useless and his balls are small too. Please let other women know and reference his official Tiny Penis Certificate online. He is known as Thomas Tiny Dick.

  26. My small cock is 6inchs when its rock hard. I constantly fantasize about being locked in a cock cage. I just need to find someone who wants to cage it. An hopefully wear the key around her ankle. Any one who cages me. I will spoil an pamper her with. Sexy outfits , short skirts & dresses. All ways.. high heels, panties, bras, stockings. Dildos that make my cock look tiny. Whenever a goddess cages it. She can always put it in smaller cages when she likes. My only request Is I may be allowed to buy an wrap her gifts often. Presented cock caged an on my knees. Nice, sexy heels. (Frequently)
    Dildos, dongs. 11inch 12inch whatever she pleases. Please let me know your thoughts on my fantasy

  27. Big Sexy? From Flashbacks? OMG! I use to flirt with him and dance on him …if it’s the same guy? I grinded on him once and felt a little poke…I giggled and had to walk off. A guy that big with a dick that small? No wonder I never heard of him sleeping around up there. This is hilarious.

  28. I am 61 . Was 55 when I got my first piece of pussy I had to pay for it . We had to use saran wrap because my penis was to small for a rubber. 2 1/2 HARD THE GIRL WAS AMAZED HOW TINY MY DICK WAS SAID SHE HAD NEVER SEEN ONE THAT SMALL BEFORE

  29. Master Michael Taylor showed me how small I was when he showed me how big he was. He named me queeniechip because he owned me as his bitch. Since then I have tried to have relationships with women, but those all failed because of my small prick. One woman called me a weak feminine pussy to my face. When I had sex with another woman, she said “No, put it All the way in.” It was. She didn’t say anything else and that was the only time we had (incomplete) sex. It has been over 10 years since I last had an attempt at sex with a woman. Being small in both height and penis size means no woman wants me. I have accepted that I am a weak feminine pussy, and I can only submit to women who want to laugh at me and men who want to use me as a bitch.

    1. My wife had 14 lovers, I suck then hard, watch them fuck, eat the mess, and lick them both clean. I am only 3 inches hard and have been in a pussy in over 15 years. Does your wife pass you out for women to peg you or have men fuck your butt hole ?

  30. I am definitely supposed to be on this list. My erect penis is 3.5 inches and soft is 1.25 inches. I also fail the toilet paper roll test

  31. I definitely belong on the “DO NOT FUCK LIST” my clitty is only 3 inches and I cum within seconds. I’ve not had sex in 5 years and I’m only able to have sex if I pay for it as no woman wants a 3 inch loser who blows his load in seconds

  32. My micro penis is barely 2.5 inches erect. I’m a 48 yo virgin; never even had a hand job or a blow job. I will be a lifetime member on the DO NOT FUCK LIST !

  33. Unable to measure a fully erect dede doesn’t disqualify me I hope? I was 22 years old when I discovered, by accident while pinned during a wrestling match, that it feels good while in my mouth. I started chronically masturbating stunting its growth and deforming it before ever achieving a real hardon. I eventually got hard, not that I knew that at the time, with help from my GF and she measured it then never touched it again. She came home early and “caught” me wearing her corset, stockings, and some makeup. She went crazy calling me a girl, saying I want to fuck men, and pushing me to the ground. I thought it was going to be okay until she grabbed our back massager and said “EVERYBODY KNOWS” so loudly. I didn’t want her to yell so I didn’t resist when she bent me over in front of the big dick pics compilation going on my pc and jammed the massager into my crotch. She got a measurement during a part of my story so perverse I dare not tell for the sake of your sanity. My name is Mikkel my penis was once huge at 2.5 inches! That’s two and a half men if you’re keeping track. Please add me I don’t ever want to do that again.

  34. Alex 19
    2 inches and been on hormones for 3 years
    Pussy free all my life and locked since i uploaded pic of my first cage

  35. OMG definitely add me. My itty bitty little guy is locked up and I’m totally useless to girls lol

  36. Please add me to The List.
    Just under 5″ fully hard Beta male. Constant ongoing problem of
    Popping out of every girlfriend I’ve ever had. -Gregory P.


    I haven’t had sex for 10 years now (I’m 38) and I can see me remaining sexless & pussy free for the foreseeable future. I struggle to get a 4 1/2″ erection, and at all other times I’m about an inch.

  38. Add me Mistress I have a 5 inch sissy clitty. I’m an obedient sissy slave. Though my clitty is useless my love to serve and use mouth of course helps make up for that.

  39. Add me, I am 1.5 inches soft, 3.5 inches hard, no bigger than a clitty ! Mostly locked in chastity cage.

  40. I know that I belong on the ‘Do Not Fuck’ register. Only 3 1/2″ hard & only one testicle. I do not possess the equipment that every girl wants/needs/desires. I have not had sex with my gf for around 12 years now… I sincerely hope that she has a regular guy to date & fuck her (not me). I’d even encourage her to fuck her ex boyfriend – she told me years ago that he had a larger & thicker dick than me ( it’s not hard…).

  41. Add me i am 4.5 – 5 inches at best when erect about 1-2 soft. I get it is useless – and i am super fast too so even worse. have not had sex in over 8 years because.

    This is ok because it made me realize how submissive i am and that I should be a servant for women as i am not useful sexually. I love helping with chores, cleaning, laundry, etc. Make me useful and fulfilled.


      1. I have a little dick panty wearing white male but I like to be humiliated while getting pounded by 10 inch bbc. It feels so good… uh..

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