My small dick problems are enormous

My Small Dick Problems

I have a very small penis, measuring only 3.9 inches in length and 3.8 inches in girth, when it’s fully hard.

My dicklette is too short and way too skinny to ever please a woman. It is so small that she would ask me if it’s already in yet and every time I’d pull back, my dicklette would just slide out of her pussy. I will stay pussyfree for life because of my lack of size.

Not only is my penis way to small for sex, I am also a premature ejaculator. The first and only time, I ever had sex with a girl, I came as soon as my dick penetrated her. Even when I masturbate, it takes me less than a minute to spray into my towel.

But the worst thing about my tiny dicklette is how much I struggle getting it up. I can only ever get fully hard after watching porn for multiple hours. Even then, my dicklette never stays fully hard for more then just a few seconds. Because of how difficult it is for me to get an erection, I always cum with a semi-soft penis.

Wholly fucking shit! You were not kidding about having small dick problems. Your little pipsqueak of a penis clearly isn’t big enough for anything sexual. Not that it matters because that little limp noodle barely even works. Even if it did, you’re triple fucked because you’re a one pump chump that can’t hold back his load. Lol!

Does it get any more pathetic than that?! The only thing left is to shave it down and lock it up!

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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