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99 thoughts on “Live Small Penis Chat on SYTD (NEW)

      1. Last time I tried to fuck a woman her pussy swallowed up my balls and she asked if I was in her yet, after that I never tried to have sex with a woman it’s been 4 years know!!!!

  1. I have a small penis. I want to know if you know if know if you know if know a website or web pages or a phone number for small penis. Please send me back a message.

  2. Hey my cute little mouse is so tiny and is afraid of her own shadow she is very lonely and wants to be handled and get caught in a glue trap

    1. I flashed my dick to a group of females not knowing that it was small but they started laughing and I said it’s average and they stared laughing even more and they took pictures and it turns out 2 inches isn’t average

  3. I have a 4.5 inch cock and get asked a lot of I’m even in…I can’t find any condoms that even fit they all are loose and way too long…I use my thumb and finger to masterbate. Usually the girls I bring home see it and feel it in their hands and ask if I’ll put it in their butt cause they say it’s not worth it in their pussy. I had a girl literally laugh when she pulled my pants down and she had her friend come to see it then they both laughed…but honestly doesn’t bother me.

    1. Man. I’m a queer. My dick is 3.5. I feel the same AND I want a female to treat me like that and worse soo bad.

  4. Hi I have 4.5 inches erect size and 3 inchs flaccid. I really like to rub my small dick on bed and drip precum. I cum so fast and feel horny while playing with my bra n panties on. Also love sucking dicks. I like to be loved my men who adore small cocks..

    1. tiny 3″ here love wearing suspenders and adore small cocks special thin ones love them in my mouth and eating there beautiful seed 🙂 x

  5. I have an extremely embarrassing tiny flaccid dicklit with David Copperfield disappearing raisin nuts that shrivel – was once asked by a girl if I was a morphadite!!!

  6. Hi my name is Jr I have a small penis and hairy I am looking for a girl or transgendered aka ladyboy or shemale to talk to about anything you want

  7. I’m just over 5 inch and thin. I feel like my dick and balls are shrinking because I can’t get laid. Soft I fit in a nice black though but then I get hard and cum in the panties. Does anyone else just rub it and come in panties?

  8. My cock is really small and I cum so fast, I can’t fuck in certain positions because that’s how small it is. I used to love burying my little cock in my ex girlfriends buttcheeks it felt really good.

    1. Im uncircumcised but my micro thingy doesn’t protrude even when aroused. Dont have to tuck or tape to wear panties and leggings or yoga pants. I am so smooth down there. Ben-wah balls in my boi-gina or a viberator on my boi-clitty give me intense orgasms but i dont produce hardly any sperm and it doesn’t shoot out it just oozes or dribbles out. What is wrong?
      I love to suck small dicks. Huge dicks are gross.

      1. Thank you i would much rather suck and get fucked by a guy with a small dick i am 2in soft and 3in hard and I love it

      1. My balls and penis limp is literal a boy dick. It grows to maybe 5 but thin. If I’m wearing pantyhose or spandex I can cum within seconds. Pretty pathetic

    1. I do 40 bi w m 4 in fit I love to stroke in panties.gurks tell me in small in thin too. U know I should have been a girl hit me up to tease trade

    1. Yes, I do! I love my little pink wee-wee! I don’t wish to have a bigger dick, I want a smaller one! I cum so hard when black girls laugh at my tiny pink man clit, so yes, I love my little clit so much!

      1. I have a micro am uncircumcised even when erect it doesn’t protrude never tuck or tape to wear panties. I sit to pee i have to dig deep to see the head. Look so smooth in leggings.

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