Live Small Penis Chat on SYTD (NEW)

Online small penis chat.

Feel the need to chat about your small penis? Do it right here on SYTD!

Ask questions and talk about your tiny cock with the mistress, goddess or size queen that is live streaming at the moment.

Tip: If you’re viewing this on your smartphone, turn your phone to landscape/horizontal position 🙂

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

27 thoughts on “Live Small Penis Chat on SYTD (NEW)

  1. I’m just over 5 inch and thin. I feel like my dick and balls are shrinking because I can’t get laid. Soft I fit in a nice black though but then I get hard and cum in the panties. Does anyone else just rub it and come in panties?

  2. My cock is really small and I cum so fast, I can’t fuck in certain positions because that’s how small it is. I used to love burying my little cock in my ex girlfriends buttcheeks it felt really good.

    1. Im uncircumcised but my micro thingy doesn’t protrude even when aroused. Dont have to tuck or tape to wear panties and leggings or yoga pants. I am so smooth down there. Ben-wah balls in my boi-gina or a viberator on my boi-clitty give me intense orgasms but i dont produce hardly any sperm and it doesn’t shoot out it just oozes or dribbles out. What is wrong?
      I love to suck small dicks. Huge dicks are gross.

    1. Yes, I do! I love my little pink wee-wee! I don’t wish to have a bigger dick, I want a smaller one! I cum so hard when black girls laugh at my tiny pink man clit, so yes, I love my little clit so much!

      1. I have a micro am uncircumcised even when erect it doesn’t protrude never tuck or tape to wear panties. I sit to pee i have to dig deep to see the head. Look so smooth in leggings.

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