One night out with friends led to cuckolding and premature ejaculation

Watching friend cuckold me with my wife.

Many years ago my wife and I hung out with this couple that we knew were a little more “outgoing” than us. 

After a night out with the women teasing us with kissing and light petting on each other we went back to their house. One thing led to another and his wife is on her back while my wife is eating her out.

We were loving it and I assumed the plan was for us to watch the women play. Then he gets up, gets behind my wife and starts rubbing her through her leggings.

WTF? I am getting cucked!

I was like WTF, do I watch, do I join in, do I get pissed?! Ultimately I sat there and without warning my wife pulls her leggings down exposing her ass and pussy. He pulls out his cock which was larger than mine and starts fucking my wife.

His wife got up and came over to me and pulled my cock out and began sucking me. In like 2 minutes I came and she looked up at me like “really?” So she went back over and continued letting my wife eat her out while her husband fucked my wife.

At the same time it was the most humiliating but also the most erotic thing I’ve ever done.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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