Sissy cuckold cums in panties on the regular

Sissy cucky cums in panties on the regular

Guys can cry all they way want but size matters and that’s why I am a sissy cucky. 

How do I know this? I’ve dated tons of chicks, I’m employed, not completely fucked in the head and fairly funny too…

Yet what has every girl I dated done? They’ve dumped me specifically due to the fact that my small dick isn’t enough for them in the long run.

Bang that for life? Nope.

They can even be decent at first but once they imagine banging my inferior boner for life — they breakup with me. And when they tell you point blank that you have a small dick, there’s no denying it.

This is my sex life now

So what happened to me after all those breakups? I took my premature ejaculation problem along with my small penis and became a cuckold pantyboy.

Now I just jerk off into my old panties they left behind or I’ve snatched over the years. Then to be even more pathetic, I cum into them and then wear them to work smelling up the place like a cumslut. That’s sex for me now and probably will be for some of you guys as well.

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