My dick isn’t thick enough

My dick is 6 inches long but only 3 around! I never thought I was small, until I hooked up with my girlfriend for the first time. 

As soon as she grabbed it, she kind of sighed in disappointment and didn’t really even stroke it, just grasped it with two fingers smirking at me.

She must of took pity on me because she did let me inside her. My pencil dick slid right in and she didn’t seem to care. I always thought girls moaned and got loud during sex but she was pretty quiet with nothing more than an  occasional quiet gasp. I finished quick too.

She was nice about it at first but after we had pitiful sex a couple more times she told me her last boyfriend’s dick was the size of her forearm and mine didn’t really do anything for her pussy. She said I might be okay for anal sex and that she really liked me but she wanted this guy Todd to fuck her pussy!

Apparently Todd’s dick was huge. This was shocking to me but as she said it I noticed I was rock hard. This led to some fun with Todd.

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