When condoms slip right off your dick

Condom slipping off a banana

When a condom slips right off your dick, you know you have a problem. Here is a question received from someone dealing with this very problem – check it out.

After measuring my dick with a condom on to see how far it would go, I ended up at 7.5in. This was using just a regular condom, not a magnum or large size rubber.

The problem I noticed is that if I grab the tip of the condom and pull on it, my dick slips right out super easily. This led to me measuring the circumference of it and it was only 4 inches around!

Worried about it being too skinny, I did the toilet paper roll test; it slipped right through with ease and could even fit two of my fingers in with it. Does this mean I don’t have a big dick? It’s 7.5 inches long but seems like it might be thin or maybe not. Let me know.

You failed the Condom Challenge!

Sorry but it had to be said. The problem you’re facing isn’t with your length at all, it’s the girth. You have a signature Pencil Dick or what we sometimes call a Skinny Dick. If regular condoms can slide off your erection with a simple tug of the tip, that’s one skinny ass dick.

To answer your question though it comes down to this: Because you don’t have a thick cock, your length is disregarded and therefore you’re just another small penis.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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