Doctor’s Visit Turns Into Tiny Dick Humiliation

Doctor visit turned into tiny dick humiliation

I went for my annual physical and my female doctor had a hot 23 yo female assistant with her. 

When it was time for the hernia exam I had to take my boxers off. My tiny dick was already small from being intimidated by 2 gorgeous females beforehand.

What do you know, as soon as I took them off the nurse walked in the room. At the same time they all looked at my penis and in unison all 3 of them giggled. I had to leave them down while they conducted the prostate exam. Since it was lunchtime I can only imagine who was the topic of conversation.

Is that your dick or a snail?

My penis looked like a snail sitting on a bean bag chair. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough and I swear the receptionist was grinning like a cat that ate the canary when I checked out.

I got to my car and pulled my dick out and jerked it all the way home. And did it a second time too.

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