Lip Balm Challenge Failed and showing how tiny I can go

An attempt at the lip balm challenge followed up with proof of how small and useless that dicklette really is.

Lip Balm Challenge

Lip Balm Challenge Failed and showing how tiny I can go

The Lip Balm is not only longer but also thicker than my tiny dicklette.

Result: Failed

This Dicklette Just Keeps Failing

Less than 1 inch of grown man dicklette

I have failed six different penis size challenges so far. It is obvious, that my dicklette is not only way too short but also pathetically skinny. My penis is just way too fucking small to be ever used and I could never please any woman with that puny thing. As if that wouldn’t be enough, my dicklette is also abnormally soft and it takes only a slight push from one finger, to compress it down to less than one inch.

I guess it is no surprise, that I also can’t get it up anymore. The best it can do is to slightly grow in length and girth but no matter how hard I try, my dicklette just won’t get stiff.

When I jerk off, I squeeze my limp dicklette between two fingers and start tugging. I usually finish after just one to two minutes of tugging and I always cum while being soft and limp.

Response from Goddess

The tale of this tiny dicklette just keeps getting worse. Not only do you have a miniature little piece of “meat” but the shriveled up little worm basically doesn’t even work. When it comes to useless dicks, it doesn’t get much worse than that. Even if it could get hard, it would still be too small, wouldn’t be able to fuck properly and you’d premature ejaculate anyway. Omfg your dicklette is pathetic! Lol!

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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