Grown man with a shockingly little weiner

Grown man with shocking little wiener

My lil’ weiner is shocking to girls and I can barely get it big enough to get sympathy attempts at sex in the past with my exes. 

Now I’m going on 3 years this February without sex after a major breakup. She said yes to marrying me then ditched my micro penis. My little worthless weiner!

I’ll never try to have sex again! When I see ass I just want to sniff and lick and clean up after bull cocks that are full of cum for my exes and goddess!

I’m so slutty and fucked up now due to my dinky dicklette.

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3 thoughts on “Grown man with a shockingly little weiner

    1. Hi Cynthia, I am so curious how that guy satisfied you so much! I feel like I need to know his ways since I’m not much bigger than the guy in the pic lol

  1. Yesss yesss its trueee i wannnt to snifff and lick asscrackkkk allll day and nightttt like a fairy fag bitch beta cucky boi all bc my dumped wee weee got kicked in the sac by krissy straight over to godddessses hot asscrack and pinky toe ! Alll bc she sent back that ring oooo ooo thats right ohh ya that B J C ya ya

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