Dicklette: What are Dicklettes and How to Tell if You Have One

Example of a Dicklette

It can be confusing trying to determine if you have a dicklette or a real penis but it does not have to be. Now it’s time to clear things up once and for all. 

First we’ll look at what a dicklette actually is, how big they are and finally how to tell if you have one in your pants.

What is a Dicklette?

Dicklette is a name for a certain variety of small penis. It may also be referred to as a cocklette. These things look like dicks just a lot smaller. Usually they’ll come with a matching set of underwhelming nuts as well.

Guys that fall under this category are not worthy of having sex, blowjobs or even handjobs. There’s simply not enough to go around for it to be worth the time.

So how big are these things anyway? Time to find out!

Dicklette Size Range

To determine if you indeed have one of these short dicks then you’ll need to know how big they are. A dicklette is an erect penis that is in the 3.5in to 5.5in range in regards to length. Normally they are fairly thin as well but not always.

Now knowing the size range, anyone can measure themselves and see if they have a dicklette hiding in their pants. Feel free to leave your results for us all to laugh at.

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84 thoughts on “Dicklette: What are Dicklettes and How to Tell if You Have One

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  2. I have a dicklette hiding in my pants, because my erections only measure 4.7 inches in length… With a girth of only 4.3 inches, it is also very thin… I accept that I am too small for sex…

  3. Hello my clit is 2.5“ and most of the time limp. Only when I suck a real cock it grows to 4“ when I get fucked afterwards it get tiny and limp again but getting a sissygasm it squeezes

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  5. My Wife refuses to let me have any sexual release from my 3.5 inch erection. She used a friend’s tattoo kit to mark it with the letter ‘m’ for, ‘maggot’ and often takes pictures of it soft, to send to the men she meets for sex to let them ridicule me. I love my Wife so much and buy her sexy underwear and help her get ready for her nights away.

  6. I’m a 21 year old beta male loser (only been with a few escorts) with a dicklette. I’m an inch soft (just the bear visible) and 3.5in hard, so I’m on the boundary of micro penis. I’m a pathetic loser who has never had a girlfriend and spends more time jerking off to porn (including SPH) than studying.

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  9. Mine is just a tad over 3″ most of the time. When I get super aroused by humiliation, it’s close to 4 “. Of course, when it’s flaccid, it’s hardly there at all.

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  11. This is helpful. At 5 inches, I didn’t know I had a dicklet. My girlfriend and I had an argument over this. I thought it was normal sized. She thought it was inadequate. This settles the issue.

    Now she’s trying to get me to okay having sex with her ex.

    1. If she were my wife, I’d encourage her to have sex with her ex. She’d get the sex she enjoys, and I’d get the humiliation I deserve.

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  12. I think mine smaller than that it’s a micro it a look so tiny but it feels great panties but not having sex for almost 6 years I’d really taking it out on me I just went and bought a bunch of dildos and I just fuck myself now

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  14. Damn I guess I have a little cocklette. It’s just not fair to women that little dicks like mine exist. I wish there was a way I could satisfy them.

  15. My wife says I have a clitty, won’t even say it’s a dicklet. 1.5″ soft, doesn’t really get hard anymore. Used to get up to 3.7 inches but not for several years.

  16. I’m 1.5 inches soft and 3.5 inches fully erect
    I’ve realised when I pay for sex as that’s the only way I’m able to sex the escorts do not feel anything from my dicklette and I end up blowing my load in seconds and feel how small my dicklette is inside a vagina.
    I’ve learned to live my dicklette and proud of myself when I see how small I am

  17. I measured right now but i new it before. Its 4.8 inches long and very thin so i confirm to have a dicklette. Lets go on with my 2 finger jerking porn sessions. 🙂

  18. I’m afraid to ask this question . But mine isn’t big enough to meet the minimum size to be called a dicklet. Its under an inch when limp . And rarely gets fully hard anymore .
    It’s especially pathetic being totally smooth and seeing my dead lil pink clitty flop around trying to get it hard.
    So what would it be of it’s not a dicklet??

  19. I have a dicklett. 1 and 1/2 soft 3 inches hard only. I keep it in panties gets lost in men’s underwear.

      1. I’m new to this site and I have a 4 1/2 sissy clitty, I used to think that I was a man until one night I was with a girl and we were about to have sex but then she laughed at my penis but she gave me the benefit of the doubt and we started having sex until she asked what I was doing and made me stop, she laughed again and told me that I have the smallest penis she ever saw then she took off her panties and made me wear them and told me that I dont even have a dick and I’m not a man so I need to wear panties and then the next day she came back but told me I better be wearing my new panties, she showed up with a few friends 3 girls and a guy, she humiliated me by making me show everyone I was wearing panties and all her girlfriends laughed and the guy made fun of me for wearing panties but said that if I’m going to wear panties like a girl then I didn’t need any boy underwear they all laughed called me a sissy and said they had a suprise so they went to my room and got rid of all my boy underwear and told me they will all bring me there old panties and I have to wear panties every day, and they check every time they see me or make me send them pictures to prove it, I really truly am a panty wearing little sissy girl now

      2. It makes sense? So you’re saying that all dicklettes and clitties aren’t worthy enough to have sex and should be kept in panties? I mean I know I have a little penis but panties are for girls, are you saying I’m not even a man and suggesting I should be wearing panties like a silly girl?

  20. I’m a pussyfree beta loser with a 5,4 inch dicklette.
    Can’t get hard for real Pussy, only for my Handpussy

      1. Is it not working at present? Submitted a story & pic earlier but when I clicked on the submit page just now the story is still there (presumably unsubmitted?) minus the pic attachment. Hmm…

  21. I have a dicklette. It measures almost 2 inches soft and 4 1/4 inches hard. I’m 50 yrs old and I haven’t fucked or received any blowjobs since my late 20s. Handpussy is all I deserve. I’m a total loser in all aspects. Totally useless. I wish I could share pictures here to show my pathetic little dick.

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