Top 10 Penis Humiliation Ideas

With so many small penises in the world it is only fitting that we put together a list of the top penis humiliation ideas. 

You will find that most of these ideas will work for wives & girlfriends stuck with unhung men, femdoms and even guys that want to humiliate themselves.

Top 10 Penis Humiliation Ideas

  1. Wear spandex shorts out in public.
  2. Share dick pics with your friends to laugh at.
  3. Buy large condoms to torment that dick with.
  4. Measure that penis and take photo proof.
  5. Compare his erection to your ideal size dildo.
  6. Watch nothing but big cock porn videos.
  7. Try on panties and find out that they fit.
  8. Take the toilet paper roll test.
  9. Post pics of your dick online for ridicule.
  10. Have your penis laughed at and rated on cam.

Now that you’re fully equipped with ten fresh ideas, you should be ready to begin your own humiliation filled fun.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Penis Humiliation Ideas

  1. I have posted pics of my little clitty dick online ( mostly showing my face)
    I wear panties and they fit.
    My boyfriend has made me strip naked in front of his various hookups to show my tiny dick.
    I want more !!

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