5 thoughts on “Is a two inch long hard penis really small?

  1. I’m lucky to even get mine erected and when I do my thumb is bigger, my balls are very large my wife use to love getting in her mouth and I also could get my whole sack in her pussy

  2. Me too doug…. I make 2.5 inches maximum erect. Cheated on by my first wife Patti and cuckolded by my second Debbie.

  3. My tiny lil two inch long by fingersize width and diameter when fully erect and grape size miniballs too gets me dumped everytime and cuckolded by every woman I ever dated !!! My stepmother and my ex girlfriends forced me to be forever in adult baby sissy gurl dresses and outfits and diapers and diaper covers forever because of my tiny lil Vienna minisausage micropenis and miniballs and force me to have boyfriends who fuck my mouth and my ass and make me cry !!!

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