Cuckold sissies need to learn to love loads

Cuckold Sissy CEI Instruction

Cuckold sissy guys need to be prepared to lick up loads, better yet; love loads. 

Whether it’s a creampie or your own sissy load, you’ll need to become accustomed to being the cleanup bitch. It’s your duty as a cuckold to lick clean those gooey creampies and as a sissy you need to orally dispose of your own inferior cummies.

To help you learn your role in life better, I’ll instruct you online how to become the best little CEI loving cuckold sissy you can be!

Take the first step now and begin your load lovers session with mistress.

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One thought on “Cuckold sissies need to learn to love loads

  1. I’m not a cuck but I am a little dick sissy bitch and if you believe I need to learn to love loads then I will give it a try, so will you teach and instruct me?

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