Thanks to My Latina Wife and her Alpha Male Lovers from the Tiny Dick Loser

Thanks to my Latina wife.

I was still a virgin before meeting my wife, who is an attractive Latina…

I began to realize after a few attempts to have sex with her that my penis was too small and inadequate to penetrate her pussy, as did she, so she began just grabbing my little dick and rubbing it up and down her vagina too make things work. I would always try and wait for her to climax, which took her a lot of work, before cumming. But when I did she would grasp my little dick tightly in her hand as I was cumming so that less cum would come out and what did come out fit within her palm. Then she would just wipe it off her hand with a tissue and sex was over.

Sex isn’t supposed to be like this

I knew this was not the way sex was suppose to be but with my tiny dick there wasn’t much I could do. So I finally felt compelled to ask her about what I was afraid of hearing about. I knew she had boyfriends before me but I didn’t know how many or how much sex she had with them so I thought I needed to know in order to compare myself with them. I was shocked when she told me that she not only had had several boyfriends but also dated and had sex with ten other guys!

I then nervously asked about how much sex did she have with her boyfriends and the other guys she dated. She told that she had sex with her boyfriends nearly everyday and in between boyfriends when she dated it was once or twice a week. This really hurt as we were having sex less than once a week despite my attempts for more.

I began feeling a strong rush of humiliation but I needed to know if the way she was having sex with me with my penis never penetrating her was something she did with some of her previous partners as well. I asked her this straight out and she told me without hesitating that I was the only one she had sex with without penetration and that all of the other men she had sex with were always penetrated her and came inside her pussy.

I was crushed and overwhelmed with humiliation whereas she just found it amusing. I tried to recover and still think I was sexually a normal real man but I couldn’t escape the truth she had revealed that I was really a sexually inadequate beta male with a tiny dick who could never fuck her the way her Alpha male boyfriends and lovers did. She must of let me know this so I would understand that I was at the bottom of the sexual pecking order and so I would know my place.

Embracing my new role in life

For a while I tried to resist the strong humiliation I was constantly feeling but I finally had to succumb and embrace it as my life and destiny. I realized small dick beta males like me are not meant to have gratifying sex with many beautiful women and being admired as strong desirable men like my wife’s Alphas but rather they crave to be subservient, dominated, and humiliated. From that point on I could only orgasm either in my wife’s palm or in my own by thinking about her Alpha cocks sliding in and out of her pussy. I haven’t yet had the excitement of watching my wife being fucked by an Alpha in front of me but there was one event that really blew my mind at the time and everyday since.

The trip to South America

One day while visiting her family in South America my wife and I had a lunch with her best friend who is the sister of one of her ex-boyfriends. During the lunch my wife’s ex called the sister not knowing she was at lunch with my wife and I. The sister, who is very attractive with a great body, tells her brother that she is having lunch with my wife and after a slight pause she adds “…and her husband,” she then asks her brother if he could come to see my wife. After another pause the brother says that unfortunately he can’t make it but then says something for her to tell my wife and then hangs up. The sister then puts down the phone and says to my wife, in Spanish,” that he sends his love and kisses and hopes to see you another time.” Then she turns to me and looks me right in the eyes and says in English that when she told her brother that she was having lunch with my wife, he said “oh, she’s one of mine.”

I felt blood rushing to my face and my heart started pounding when she told me this and then seeing my reaction she kept going. She said “My father told me it’s like when you have a ranch with a lot of horses you put your brand on them to know that they belong to you. That’s what my brother was saying about your wife.” I was simultaneously stunned and aroused beyond belief. My wife just kind of laughed while I sat there trying to look calm and also not cumming in my pants in excitement. I just nodded my head and tried to smile. Now every time I think about this I feel like masturbating.

Thanks for the scraps

My wife certainly deserves better than to be married to such a pathetic small dick loser such as myself but I am extremely grateful to her Alpha lovers who are the true owners of her pussy for giving me their scraps. I hope they see this post and laugh their asses off at what a pathetic dumb fuck loser I am and then show it to all their friends and girlfriends who laugh and ridicule me as well. If my wife leaves me when she finds out I will commit myself to sinking to the lowest levels of humiliation possible and post it for their further amusement.

Thanks to my Latina Wife and her Alpha Male Lovers for showing me that I’m a Tiny Dick Loser.

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  1. It’s bigger soft than mine is hard. I’m 1inch flaccid and 1.4inch hard. I’m a 40 Yr old virgin the last time any 1 saw my tiny cock was when lads saw me pick up a gay mag in woods I was stripped naked then they stripped me of all my public hair pits to my 17 Yr old boy bits the teenage lads then showed me how real lads wank and used me for a cum dump.
    Left totally humiliated smooth and dripping in cum. I now know my place only fit for humiliating

    1. I am fine with a tiny dinkie dick atleast they have a mouth to lick my pussy and hands to stick in a finger

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