Over 6 feet tall with a small dicklette and balls

Over 6 foot tall with a 3 inch erection.

Another myth busted with this bite sized dick! You’re looking at a guy that is well over 6 feet tall (6′ 5″ to be exact) and has one of the smallest little dicks and a tiny set of balls. What a combo…

It’s easy to fall for the stereotype that tall guys have big dicks but that is clearly not the case at all. Your height has nothing to do with penis size. Just look at the little cock above for a perfect example.

His pointy little pecker tops out at 3.5″ long when it’s hard and with his big frame is bound to look absolutely absurd sticking out. This is a pint sized dick that is to be avoided. It doesn’t matter who you are, a dick like this is never gonna be enough to please any woman.

Not enough length, tiny little pointy tip, too skinny and doesn’t even have big manly swinging balls hanging below it. This dicklette is a total FAIL.

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One thought on “Over 6 feet tall with a small dicklette and balls

  1. I’m always comparing what’s in my wife’s makeup bag to my dick,9 times out of 10 the makeup bag wins.
    My wife caught me putting her red lipstick on my cock once so she made me measure my cock against every item of makeup she has,end result I lost most of the time.
    Perhaps we can have a new measuring test,are you bigger than anything your your wife’s/partners makeup bag?

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