Saturday Night Cuckold by Tiny Penis

Saturday night and my wife has returned home, from a night out with a few friends. A little bit worse for drunk, oh and minus her underwear. How perfect for a cuckold like me. 

She took great pride in telling me how she lost them or should I say left them, in the alleyway as she was bent over a waste bin and her big smooth pussy was filled with the doorman’s big black cock.

She then let me know that he was much more of a man than me and she could feel his cum still inside her and running down her leg. She then pulled up her dress ran 2 fingers over her pussy and they were wet and sticky with cum, i know this because she pushed them into my mouth.

The erection gave it away

My little erection gave it away how much I liked it and my wife new it, she couldn’t wait to let me know how he filled her and left her big smooth pussy gaping, stretched and well used.  She just smiled and said that my little hard penis would be no use to her tonight so just use your tongue…

As a good husband that’s exactly what I did…simply delicious. Can’t wait for her next night out.

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