My tiny dick is actually a micropenis clitty

My name is Jeffrey Hewitt and I have a tiny dick. Tiny dick, well, actually, it’s a micropenis.

Usually, when I am walking around, or doing my normal routine, my micro clitty is sucked up into my body, so, I look like I have a little button growing on my sissy balls!

When it gets hard, it’s about 3 inches, “if” it gets hard! I usually dribble cum in about 5 to 10 seconds, hard or soft, so, there is no point in trying to please a woman, or anyone for that matter! So I shave my entire body, paint my toes, wear lingerie and be a dickless sissy bitch for my Mommy!

Feel free to follow me on twitter (@jeffrey_hewitt) or connect with my clit on cam.

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