How to Do the Condom Challenge

How to do the SYTD Condom Challenge

In case you haven’t heard the SYTD Condom Challenge has taken penises of all sizes by storm and now you can do it too! 

All of us think that every guy should have to do this challenge as a way to gauge their dick size for us ladies. It is simple, quick and you get to use one of your condoms you’ll probably never have sex with anyway.

Condom Challenge: How-To Guide

Get that dick ready for the challenge because it’s going down! Grab your condom and your dick so we can begin.

Supplies List

Condom, Marker (Optional) & Your Dick

How to Do the Challenge

Step 1: Get an erection. Work that guy up till it’s as big as you can get it.

Step 2: Slide on the condom as far as it will go. Don’t use more of it than you need. Use the minimum amount needed to cover your dick.

Step 3: Use the marker to mark the line where the condom stops at the base. Mark it right above the ring of the condom.

Just a Tip: If you’re not using a marker then make note of your length by pinching that part of the condom when you take it off. No cheating on length!

Step 4: Take a photo of it (optional if you truly can’t).

Final Details and Measurements

The Condom Challenge can be used to gauge not just your length but your girth and even the size of your cock-head.

Condom Challenge Diagram

To do so just make note of it when taking photos of your condom covered penis. Grab the side of the condom and see how baggy it is on you, see how much excess room is in the tip area and you’ll start feeling reality set in.

If you need assistance with this challenge you can get a live rating with a mistress here.

That’s all there is to the Condom Challenge! When you’re finished ubmit your pics on here, freakden, reddit or twitter when you’re done.

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