Thumb Dicks: Penises that look like thumbs with balls

The internet is filled with strange phenomenons but Thumb Dicks are in a class all their own. Even the existence of it is frigging bizarre. 

There are tiny cocks, micro penises and then there are thumb dicks. Here you’ll find out what one is and how to determine whether you or your man is rocking one.

Thumb Dicks Explained

A thumb dick is a penis that literally looks like a thumb but it has balls. As you know thumbs are never that long.

This designation can apply to a guy’s flaccid or erect penis depending upon the severity of the situation. It’s gross to think about but some men really do have cocks that small and pathetic.

Is It a Thumb Cock?

Now just look at your thumb with the fingernail showing. Next imagine that nail being the penis head and what’s beneath being the shaft. It’s as simple as comparing that to the dick.

Thumb dicks really do exist.

If you compare your thumb with your dick and they practically look like twins then you know you’re packing a thumb cock.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

3 thoughts on “Thumb Dicks: Penises that look like thumbs with balls

  1. Is the “My dick looks like a Pinky With Balls” room like next door, or am I like the only micromember having member, or should I just stay here since a pinky is roughly the exact same length as a thumb, just way skinnier? Cuz Thumb with balls- Not Quite, but Extremely Skinny Thumb with Balls- All fkn day & every fkn night…

  2. My tiny lil micropenis and miniballs looks exactly the same size as my thumb as a matter of fact I have been called pinkydick and Vienna sausage dick and pindick and even thumbdick many times by all of my ex girlfriends

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