Small Penis Confessional: Submit Yours Today!

Small penis confessions.

Are you a guy with a small penis that has a confession to make? Submit yours and let the world know about your secret while staying anonymous.

Do you jerk off 5x a day? Sneak panties in place of pussy? Make sweet love to your mattress? No matter what your confession may be you can submit it to SYTD anytime one crosses your mind.

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One thought on “Small Penis Confessional: Submit Yours Today!

  1. I’d like to but submitting an official confession is too risky for me. But I will say that I love showing off my tiny cock whenever possible. A couple years ago I got in a hot tub with two females. They pretended not to look but I caught them sneaking glances at my flaccid two incher. I took my time getting out of the water so there could have a better, final view. They have also seen me in panties and they enjoy checking out the tiny bump on the front. I get incredibly turned on by this. But strangely it rarely leads to a boner. Which is ideal because I want them to think I’m smaller than I really am.

    My latest exposure came at the dermatologist’s office last year. He noted a wart on my penis but said nothing about the size. He probably thought it shrunk because of medical exam anxiety but it regularly gets that small. The experience wasn’t as arousing as having women look but it was still a lot of fun. I hope seeing me made him feel better about his own manhood.

    In short, no pun intended, I love pretending to have a micropenis. And if it were possible, I wouldn’t mind having one officially. The idea of almost every other man I see having a bigger schlong is very exciting for me.

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