Sissy bikini model poses pretty to lure in man cocks

The world’s first ever sissy bikini model, Missy Denver Shoemaker, focuses on posing pretty with a clitty to lure in real man cocks. 

After years pretending to be a real man, on slipped a silky pair of panties and the rest was history. Soon Denver found himself feeling more like “herself” and wanted to feel something else too — COCK.

Getting a stiff cock in his holes wasn’t gonna be easy especially when he craved real man dick. The only way to pull it off was to become a completely feminize sissy slut.

The intense craving for long thick dicks pumping into his sissy holes was already there, so all Denver had to do now was look the part. With a sissy clitty this ended up being fairly easy. Just tuck the clitty and focus on looking pretty!

Denver Shoemaker poses in bikini modeling competition.

Now Denver has added big bouncy tits to her new look and continues to lure in horny hard cocks to suck off and get pounded by to this very day. Scroll down to see her new look.


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