One of the biggest little loser dicks on earth

When you have a one hand willy, a flaccid dicky do and a boner under five inches then you know you are one of the biggest loser dicks on earth. 

It all starts with how ridiculously small this flaccid limp wimp of penis is.

Limp Wimp Dicky Do

As you can see the balls hang lower than the dicky do. The worst part is, it is not even completely flaccid in that photo. Talk about a loser!

What about the boner?

Oh yeah! Maybe it’s a grower, right? Wrong. It’s a pathetic less than 5in boner that qualifies for the small dick club.

Showing the one hand willy

No doubt it’s a one hand willy and even then one hand barely fits on the abnormally thin shaft.

Panties are suitable for a mangina

Last but not least the mangina. You know you’re one of the biggest loser dicks in the world when you can claim this as one of your titles.


And there’s the proof of the mangina. That’s how his useless dick and balls look while wearing panties; completely flat like he has a pussy.

Add up all of those shitty aspects of this guy’s dick and you’ll see why he is clearly one of the Biggest Losers when comes to the penis department.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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