Micro Penis Proposal: Big day for a dinky dick

Micro penis proposal

I was in my apartment nervously waiting for her to get there when I heard a knock on the door. Today was the big day my small micro penis would propose. 

She was wearing tight yoga pants and a tight tiny top that instantly made my lil’ boner sprout up like a soldier at attention.

After we talked a while and were watching our favorite show together, we had some drinks and I ended up proposing right on the spot while we made out on the couch.

She actually said yes.

She was so happy and excited and immediately wanted to have sex! She knew it was coming so she had worn a tiny black lace thong that divided her buttcheeeks right down the middle perfectly and turned me into a stuttering stammering mess in her presence.

She told me to relax and put me against the wall gently while she giggled and smirked and reached a hand behind her back to grab my swollen blue balls. My balls that hadn’t came in weeks since we were long distance at the time.

Off with her thongs!

Thongs coming off

She pulled off her little thong and while still pinning me against the wall began to grind back and forth on my NOW THROBBING 5 incher. It wanted so desperately to put her face down ass up right then and there but I was too overexcited and would have instantly came.

And then I almost premature ejaculated

Instead my knees quivered with each grind and bouncing of my dicklette and pinhead against her superior italian buttcheeeks. I tried to make it work but couldn’t and when it briefly got wedged between her buttcheeeks I had to move back and push her away to avoid cumming.

She looked shocked but smirked and said “Omgshhh you’re so hard!”

I went to make out with her poking straight out and lifted her leg over my left arm as I tried to put it in and hold her up to thrust. I made a couple of thrusts but slipped out.

So I laid her on her back for missionary style because I always stayed in that way and put her legs over her head and said “Oh I love you babe!” Looking back I probably sounded like such a pathetic bitch saying it like that.

Hope you’re ready “finance”

Micro penis struggles

After a few thrusts I came all over her ass and pussy. She said “I hope you’re ready to fuck all day “fiance” and told me to get it back up. In the meantime I started eating her pussy, my cum was still all over but I kept going anyways because I just loved her ass and pussy soo much.

I eventually got hard again and she asked me “How do you want it?” I flipped her over and put her on the edge of the bed with legs spread facing away. I tried to enter from behind for a hot stand up pussy fucking but I couldn’t get the angle.

Micro penis goes hard in the paint

Going hard in the paint

She stood up and put her hands on the bed and looked back at me and said “Fuck me as hard as you can. Give me that dick!” She grabbed it and guided it in and I started pounding as hard as I could, in and out, as hard as possible.

I thought I was going forever but I looked up at the clock and 3 minutes had gone by! Sweaty and exhausted I said “I can’t do another one babe, I need a break.”

I’m trying…

She smirked and said come on keep going! I said “I’m trying” and then we both started laughing and I fell out and flopped over. My little half limp dick floundering in the air as I flopped down.

Micro penis trying his best

She laid next to me and said “that’s ok” we have a long time to get it right. We fell asleep there and that began my life as an engaged man.

Continue to Part 2 to find out all about how things went downhill from there for this dinky dick.

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