Road Trip Dicklette Dumping of a Lifetime

One innocent road trip turned into the engagement dumping of a lifetime for this guy and his small cock. 

I had just spent all night weeping and struggling with the fact I had gotten dumped. We were on vacation together and we still had a day left of the hotel. That meant I had to sit in the room while she slept peacefully having just discarded my dinky disappointment for good.

Hotel breakup night

Imagine how awkward and uncomfortable that felt for my small penis and I. One minute we are engaged to get married and the next I was sitting up in a hotel room looking at the woman that dumped me. What a feeling that was! I thought my dicklette had all but went back inside.

Checking out of the hotel

In the morning she quietly checked out of the room as I loaded my bags, trying to think of something to say to save the situation and the relationship but all I could do was weep.

Before all this she has seemed so friendly and caring and like I could tell her anything and in an instant, she was treating me like a discarded used condom. Like a worthless rubber that gets tossed and nobody ever wants to see again.

I tried to stammer out a “Please listen if we can only!” and at one point begged for a two week trial period to improve the relationship. Even with all that effort she hardly would look at me in my pathetic state.

As if it were nothing to her, she calmly drove back the for the entire 2 hour trip singing to her playlists and swaying to the music. Her beautiful hair was blowing in the wind taunting me, wafting her amazing scent towards my sniffling weeping desperate nose. It was right then that I thought and realized I’d never see her panty clad butt cheeks again!

Road trip dumping and breakup

I was weeping bad enough at one point that she patted my knee out of pity and said “It’s gonna be OK, just breathe” and then kept singing and swaying right afterward. I felt like a tiny little child being comforted helplessly like a complete bitch boy.

My pathetic last ditch effort

As we neared the lot where my car was, I tried one last desperation plea with her, “You know I’ll never see you again?!”

She shrugged and said, “We will both be fine.”

I stormed out of the car and into mine without realizing I had left my keys in her car! So as she was pulling out I ran after her waving her down, still half crying with my pathetic ball-bag and dinky dong shriveling up to almost nonexistent size.

She eventually stopped the car, and looked at me like I was the most pathetic bitch ever or something. I just slinked into the car to get my keys out of the glove box and tried to storm off again now redder than a firetruck.

Krissy watched as I sped away this time, as she was basically at a loss for words and speechless at how pathetic I was.

A night of tears and tugging

Tiny dick tugging and crying

I went home and kept crying all night. It was so disgustingly pathetic that at some point I tugged my 4-inch loser boner and came right into Krissy’s panties that I was so lucky to still have in my possession at that time.

I was such a pitiful dumped dicklette after too. I jacked off to her panties enough that I came in them so much they ripped eventually. I actually had to toss them out it got so bad, leaving me with just her lingerie top to sniff and grovel before.

The trip I’ll never forget

I’ll never forget how cold and icy she was when I got dumped for good. It was drawn out a while after as she kept tormenting me and stringing me along until she found the right cock she needed for her hot Italian ass and pussy.

Now she’s getting it all night long while I beg Goddess Jennifer to play with my bitty ding dong.

Kristen please just one more kiss??!!!

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

7 thoughts on “Road Trip Dicklette Dumping of a Lifetime

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