No Nut November

No Nut November

No Nut November or #NoNutNovember is an annual event where guys do their best to try not to bust a nut all month long. 

The rules are easy because you simply need to keep yourself from cumming for 30 days. Completing the task however is extremely hard especially for guys that never get any sex besides hand-sex.

How to participate

Don’t worry you’re still allowed to jerk off, hump the floor or even dip the tip but YOU CAN NOT CUM. Masturbate and edge all that you want but always resist busting that nut.

The best way to enjoy No Nut November is to hookup daily with one of us femdoms and get an orgasm denial or dick teasing session for jerk off addicts and submissive gooners.

That way we can keep you worked up into a frenzy all month long. Just think of how fun and frustrating that’ll be!

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