Return to Sender: Teased, denied and panty nosedives

I was so excited to see Krissy again and visit for the first time since I had been dumped and “returned to sendered” officially.

She had been teasing me a little bit and said she’d even suck my cock if I drove down to visit her! I was so excited I didn’t care that it was 2 am and hours away. I immediately changed my plans and made a dash to hopefully see her amazing ass cheeks again!

Time for a tiny dick road trip

I was raging and bouncing the whole drive there and called her to let me in when I finally got there still throbbing. She answered but was exhausted as it was 4am or so and she had been drinking.

I was tired as well and so I was content with flopping next to her and being able to be inches away from her amazing booty once again. My cocklette just twitching uncontrollably in my shorts as she laid resting her amazing body.

Black panties.

Her ass cheeks slowly moved up and down. I wanted so badly to just have them graze the tip but I didn’t want her to wake up and see I was borderline losing my mind gooning to her big round buns in those little black panties.

Blue balls lasted all night long

Oh I wanted it so bad but couldn’t do anything about it! The next day we “talked things out” and had some laughs about old times and she was saying she was so glad I came so she had “some closure”.

I was trying to figure out what was happening still hopeful for my lil’ flopper and bay-bays but knowing that I ultimately was losing out on my chance as she said she “didn’t feel that well” and “needed to eat and rest up today”.  I got to stick around and she ordered some food down the road later that day!

A pervy opportunity arises

A minute after she left I realized an opportunity was there and my blue-balls and teased into oblivion dicklette were so desperate and raging I couldn’t even think twice.

Before I could reason with my warped brain, that was already in process of transformation and cucked brainwashing from goddess Jennifer and Princess Lexi, I found myself diving into her hamper and worshiping those little black panties that ached my nutsack and turned them indigo the night before!!!

Going crazy sniffing panties

I took them out and buried my nose right between the crack of the panties and started tugging my tiny failing 4.5 inch dumped failure dicklette hoping she wouldn’t be back for a bit.

I also found a pair of tiny gym shorts she had worn the day before I arrived to the recreation center and were drenched in sweat! I was sniffing as hard as I could back and forth between the shorts and panties. All this was happening while I was doing worship mantras out loud like a horny freak.

If she had any idea what was happening while she was gone, she would have been shocked! I couldn’t handle the build up anymore and ran to the bathroom like a crazed nympho bitch.


There I opened the toilet lid with her panties in one hand and still inhaling and sniffing as if I was about to have a heart attack, I pinched my wee wee with two fingers and began jerking off! I even squirted a little of her lotion on my cocklette as lube.

Busting a nut and breaking a sweat

It was intoxicating between that and the panty crack scents, I was nearly passed out! Within 30 seconds my load flew out! Some in the toilet, some by it and some on the floor!

I instantly started panicking like crazy realizing how much time had went by. So I quickly put all her panties and shorts back and tried to clean up as best I could. I was sweating and looked like I had just been in a boxing match!

She texted me and it read, “bbs hope you’re hungry!” At that moment I nearly felt my balls drop off on to the floor!

I quickly rinsed and toweled off and got a glass of water. Tucking in my tiny bouncing cocklette in, I ran to the door and said something, some words I’ll never remember because I was so gooned and nervous.

She just smiled and said “What did you do a workout while I was gone?”

I said I had jogged to my car in the lot to get my phone charger and she didn’t question it!!! After we finished having dinner she more or less kicked my little ball-bag and dicklette out as she had to go to work and I didn’t get the invite to stay another night.

Ghosted due to a nice big dick

Slowly in the months ahead I would dwindle away and bungle my chances one embarrassing moment at a time until finally I was permanently ghosted this year.

Why? She found a bigger, better, stronger cock that can make her crave sucking his dick and has her face down ass up on the reg while I sit at home weeping into Goddess Jennifer’s buttcrack.


My ex-fiance gets pounded out properly while I spend my hours begging my femdom goddess to let me jerk off while I fight hard to amuse her and the SYTD Girls with ball-busting vids, humiliating stories from my past and so much more.

Getting some cuck-closure

I truly am a bottom barrel bitch boy and now I’m even below what a cuckold is because I am a wanna be cuckold. I am so pathetic that I am even willing to suck cock if she would even let me lick her butt-hole.

I’ve sunk so low that I would cleanup after he fucks her again and again! Yes I’m talking about being a creampie cleanup loving cuckold. Pretty gross, I know.

My ex-girlfriend’s goals are to get fucked day and night in every position and place possible by her new big dick stud and mine is to have Goddess Jennifer lock up my 4 inch party favor and work my way up the bitchboy kingdom. See the difference?

Krissy gets plowed by big cock while I hope to become my femdom’s ultimate fluffer and bitchboy cleanup cucky for life. I’m so lucky to have been dumped and instead of a real engagement, I’m now engaged to a hot demanding and immaculate butt-crack and pinky toe!

Thanks so much after all Krissy! Looks like I got some closure too on that blue ball filled day of denial and desperation.

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