Pussyfree: The perfect lifestyle for small packages

Pussyfree lifestyle

Not all guys are cut out for sex, which is why the pussyfree lifestyle is such an ideal pick for all the small packages of the world. 

Sure having sex and receiving hot wet blowjobs is hot but when you don’t have a big dick, it’s not hot or fun at all for us. Basically only big cocks deserve sexual pleasure from women whereas tiny dicks deserve their own handpussies.

Speaking of which! Handpussy is the perfect replacement for those bitty bitch dicks. In fact it’s a privilege because if that hand had any say in it; it would probably say no too.

Perks of the Pussyfree Lifestyle

Wait till you hear about the perks that come with this lifestyle choice. Yeah you can forget about tight wet pussy but don’t worry there’s plenty for you to enjoy…

Just think of how fun it will be to constantly have blue balls from all the edging you’ll be doing. Not to mention your forearm will gain muscle due to all the handpussy fucking. Talk about perks!

The fun doesn’t stop there! The pussyfree life will also help you become a complete masturbation addict and gooner. A total frigging dick tugging gooner! How fun is that, right?!

But nothing tops getting your dick teased online while being reminded of what you’ll never get, taste or feel ever gain. You’re not good enough for pussy so instead you’ll get to tug off while staring at it instead.

Start your dick teasing session with me or one of my femdom friends now, so you can begin enjoying your new pussy free lifestyle.

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