My Position in Life

Mike the Chode

I apologize for resubmitting this picture, but I think it’s appropriate for this post and I an unable to create a new one right now.

It is clear that, as someone in possession of a chode, that I am destined to serve. As a result, I’ve found a mistress who will take me as a slave.

The Pleasure Mansion

Mistress has a pleasure mansion which needs to be cleaned and maintained, as well as (generally all-female) parties to host. She has a number of tools in her toolbox for slave training and small penis humiliation and hypnosis are the tools she’s using to train me.

SPH & Chastity

For straight-up SPH, Mistress has fitted me with a steel chastity device, complete with both a urethral insert and a location to connect a leash. The device is designed to be worn at all times when I’m not in her pleasure mansion. When I’m inside, she leads me around with her leash when I’m not hypnotized but releases me once I am (and puts me back in before she wakes me up) as she wants to use my chode for humiliation and entertainment.

Hypnosis Training

The hypnosis is being used to reprogram me into a life of servitude. These are the basic commands Mistress is working on reprogramming me with (which also has SPH involved):

“Obey” – I become immediately hypnotized and subject to her will alone. I am also unable to speak without explicit permission, other than to say “Yes, Mistress”.

“Unzip” – I unzip my jeans and expose myself (like in the picture).

“Erect’ – I immediately become erect.

“Flaccid” – I immediately lose my erection if I had one.

“Forget [What to forget]” – This erases my memory of what she wants erased.

“Strip” – I take off all my clothes.

“Bend Over” – I drop whatever I’m doing, spread my legs out, drop my jeans and underwear just enough to reveal my ass, and bend over.

“Erect”, “Flaccid”, and “Unzip” are the commands related to small penis humiliation. Mistress intends to use those commands during her fem-dom parties so that my chode is exposed to all her female friends. “Strip” might also be used for this, although Mistress prefers “Unzip”. “Bend Over” is there because she and her friends sometimes like getting some mileage out of their strap-ons and need someone compliant to do so.

She may come up with more commands to reprogram me with as time goes on, but these are the most important ones which she uses regularly.

Urinal Fetish Exposed

Mistress found out about my urinal fetish so every time I piss at her palace (which only has regular toilets, but still…), she stands next to me, watching and mocking, in order to remind me who’s boss.

Mistress also has a rule that I must have surfed within 3 hours of the beginning of our training sessions. She says that I’m more relaxed then and am more susceptible to hypnosis as a result. I have obeyed this rule without question.

My name is Mike and I have a chode. I have a chode and therefore I serve. I have a chode and therefore need to be and have now been removed from the gene pool.

– Mike

It’s always nice to hear about another tiny chode being used properly.

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

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