Ocean Pines Princess Denver Shoemaker hits the beach in a new bikini

Denver Shoemaker from Ocean Pines MD on the beach in her new bikini

When it hits the 80s and the sun’s out, for Denver Shoemaker that means it’s time to get those buns out! It didn’t take long for the Ocean Pines Princess to take to the beach this year.

After a long winter of lockdown filled fun, Denver was eager to go show off her newest Victoria’s Secret bikini and had the slim feminine body ready to pull it off.

“I was like so ready to show off my tiny sissy buns that I could barely contain myself. Nothing gets me more excited than going out there and putting on a naughty little beach show for all the hot hunky men,” said Denver, while wiggling her bikini buns toward a group of guys chilling on their beach towels.

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