Mini Mushroom Dick List

Mushroom Dick List

All penises resemble mushrooms but this is about miniature button mushroom dicks. Should you be on the list?Β 

Anyone can easily tell if their dick resembles a small button mushroom. All it takes is a quick look in your pants and it’s as clear as day. Assuming all of you have seen a “button mushroom” before.

If not just reference the photo above and if it reminds you of your dick then you’re on the list!

Get on the Mushroom Dick List

If you qualify for the list you can add yourself to it in several ways on here, twitter and/or reddit. I know that’s a lot of options so feel free to use one or all of them for more exposure.

You know how all these websites work, so go ahead and comment, reply, like, retweet or submit your photo proof and you’re on the list!

Add Yourself on Twitter

Bonus: Mushroom Comparison

The best way to find out if you have a mini shroom-dick is to go buy some button mushrooms from the grocery store. Then you can do a side-by-side comparison with your cocklette. This is optional but recommended.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

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