Are you a member of the Two Finger Tug Club?

Two Finger Tug Club Member Sign

There’s a club called the Two Finger Tug Club and you might just be a part of it. 

So of you probably know you are the moment you hear the name of the club but for those that don’t, it’s time to find out.

Do you qualify for the Club?

Prepare to start masturbating! To find out if you’re a member you need to get yourself hard and jerk off.

Don’t just start going at it till you bust a nut! Just start jerking off and look at how you naturally hold on to your own boner.

Do you only use a thumb and one or two other fingers? If you do then you’re in and that’s hilarious!

Congratulations on being a member of the infamous Two Finger Tug Club. Download and share the membership sign below to let everyone know!

Two Finger Tug Club Member Sign

Dominant mistress on bed in bra and panties

3 thoughts on “Are you a member of the Two Finger Tug Club?

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