Take the Minute Man Challenge

Minute Man Challenge

Drop everything you are doing and take the Minute Man Challenge! Can you handle it? This is the ultimate test of endurance for guys with premature ejaculation troubles or those that are just quick cummers.

You now have a chance to prove that you’re a man once and for all. If you fail the challenge you can re-take it again and again until you succeed. But can you?

Minute Man Challenge Guide

There is no need for delay when someone cums as fast as you do. Follow the steps below to complete the challenge.

  1. Connect with me (Mistress Sierra) or one of my hot friends and let us know what turns you on the most.
  2. Get your dick out and ready for the Minute Man Challenge.
  3. Once the teasing begins, start jerking off to determine if you can last an entire minute without losing your load.
  4. If you don’t cum within 1 minute then you PASS and can continue getting off with us. However if you cum too quick you FAIL and have to try again!

The best way to do it is to let us know what your favorite fantasy, outfit, turn-on or fetish is before we get started. That way we can push you to the maximum to determine if you can really handle the challenge. Good luck everyone!

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