Micro Dick Monday: Celebrate Every Monday! #MDM

Happy Micro Dick Monday to everyone! For those that have not heard about this weekly celebration, you have now. 

Micro Dick Monday is a weekly event started by SYTD. The fun takes place on every Monday of the year.

Guys from all over submit photos and videos of their micro penises for exposure and humiliation.  It is also a time each week that the world can come together and laugh at small inferior dicks. This is a wonderful weekly celebration that everyone can take part in.

Use MDM Hashtags

The hashtags to use all over the web are: #MicroDickMonday and #MDM.

Micro Dick Monday

Femdom asking if you want to show your penis.

2 thoughts on “Micro Dick Monday: Celebrate Every Monday! #MDM

    1. Register for an account on there and then submit your pics using the submit link at the top. We’re also on twitter @sytdick and often tweet the pics we spot on freakden over there as well.

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