Making fun of small dicks makes me wet

Making fun of small penises

Guys with small penises are not something that turns me on at all but making fun of them makes me wet. There’s some erotic about tormenting an unsuitable dick while knowing he’d do anything to see how good I feel. That’s never going to happen but denying him is extremely hot.

Men with small dicks are constantly aching to get some of the real thing, whether that be sex, a blowjob, or even a handjob; however that’s never going to happen. Soon enough they’ll settle for whatever I give them. That will be nothing but humiliation and mockery.

Get your small cock mocked

Unfortunately it rarely happens in real life due to the pandemic and because the majority of dicklettes never make an attempt to reveal themselves. So what I’ve done is started streaming on webcam so any guy that wants and deserves SPH can get it from me.

Now I can get wet and play with myself all the time at their expense. For those of you reading this wishing it was you, come view my live stream and get that miniature cock mocked.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

One thought on “Making fun of small dicks makes me wet

  1. Meu maior sonho é ver uma mulher humilhar meu pau e torturar minhas bolas enquanto usa seus dedinhos como uma vagina. Por favor, ria do meu pau e chute minhas bolas.

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