Leah tossed my tiny dick in the friend zone

Leah’s hot Lebanese ass always made my tiny pecker get instantly stiff when I’d see her. I almost had a chance at having sex with her but soon she tossed me into the friend zone and started calling me mate!

In other words, my tiny pinky pecker isn’t ever getting any of that pussy. She used to love asking me if I had a little penis knowing it made me squirm too.

– Ter Ter

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

5 thoughts on “Leah tossed my tiny dick in the friend zone

  1. Yeah my thin dickie wouldnt be able to satisfy her anyway thats for sure lol at least i can make her cum if i eat her out 🙂

  2. Leah if you see this it’s me it’s really me ! I’m still teased and tormented by your Lebanese ass and bouncing titties. Ohhhhh that unbuttoning shirt teaser and and the skirt flippers up the stairs!!! Leah I’m sorry for my tiny POLISH penis ! You were right Leah you were right …. “MATE”

    Im ready to be your cuckold in any way possible 🙏

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