7 thoughts on “How many of you are premature ejaculators?

  1. Like everything else that makes me a horrible lay; premature ejaculation applies also… it’s been close to five years since I had pussy and it should remain that way because I have no business penetrating any woman with my pathetic little beta penis and it should be known that I have once again given in to temptation and started having sex with men just like I always have except now I’m doing it in the open. I don’t care if it makes me totally undatable to women because I would much rather serve a woman than date a woman. Is there anybody out thereInterested in a tall, thin, smooth, small penis having bottom? please hit me up ASAP!!! I can be your cuck and a place to rest your cock!

  2. It hasn’t taken me more than 1 minute for years. Most of the time my ejaculation occurs after 15-50 seconds

  3. a minute would be a miracle last about 30 seconds even cum before as I was about to put it in over excited. Even my wife says I’m a premature ejeculator now makes me cum even faster😳.

  4. My tiny lil micropenis and miniballs cums a tiny mini cum load in under three to five seconds and then I always cry everytime after I cum because of how mean women have been to me

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