Big boob worship instructions

Big boob jerk off instructions.

Do big boobs make your boner go insane? 

It’s awfully hard to resist looking when you see them around. They’re just so round and sticking right out there in your face commanding attention wherever they bounce. How’s a guy supposed to concentrate?!

Mistress knows where you can concentrate; right on my big tits. Watch as I show them off and flaunt them in front of you. Maybe in a tight fitting top with my hard nipples poking out or just in a bra, leaving you begging for me to take it off.

I’ll instruct you how to worship big boobs like mine the right way. They are your weakness after all, so indulge and direct your attention right on my cleavage. That’s all you need to worry about is watching and zoning out into my big natural boobs.

Worship my perky round tits on webcam and begin your jerk off instruction session with Mistress Alice.

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