How long should a penis be caged for?

Keyholder holds up cock cage to determine how long to keep it locked on

Caging a penis is easy to do but figuring out how long it should stay that way can be difficult. 

Whether you’re a woman about to cage your man’s dick for fun or a guy with a small cock that’s about to be caged, it can be daunting task.

Trying to determine the right amount of time depends largely upon the circumstances and the guy involved. However I’ll do my best to shed some light on the subject.

Guys with Tiny Wieners

These little bitches are the easiest to deal with. They have a tiny dick so it’s to everyone’s benefit that they are caged. Having them locked up keeps them from trying to date us and keeps them from even considering using their worthless nipple-dicks.


To figure out how long to keep these guys caged is fairly simple – the longer the better. Start slowly but extend the time as quickly as possible until it’s permanent. Even if you’re caging your own cock, this is all still possible.

Hung Guys That Are Submissive Sometimes

Obviously if the guy is hung then odds are we’re probably dating them, married to them or at least hooking up with them. It just so happens he has a submissive streak from time to time and you decide to give chastity cages a try.

No woman wants a constantly submissive guy so this is all just for frisky fun anyway. So just pop his big dick into a cage for a day or two and watch his eagerness to please increase greatly.

The longer you make a guy with a big cock wait the more he is going to go crazy on you later. That situation is a win-win no matter what, so just have fun with it.

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2 thoughts on “How long should a penis be caged for?

  1. Wife says it depends on size. Anything over 6 inches should never be caged. 5-6 inches 50% of the time. Under 5 is basically a clit and should be permanently caged or castrated. No need to have intercourse with there baby dicklet.

  2. Under 5 in should stay locked up in a cage if she can’t use it then why should he be able to that’s what my mistress says anyway

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