Finding out your boyfriend tastes his own loads

Busting tiny dick boyfriend tasting his load

Sorry there’s no way I’m being with a guy that not only has a small penis but tastes his own loads. What a weirdo you are Jerry. It’s over.

That was the long text message my then boyfriend got to read the day I found videos of him on the computer. Apparently he had been posting them online.

Meanwhile I was already coping with his small penis and determining whether I could even stay with him. Needless to say, finding videos of him licking up his own loads was more than enough to seal the deal. Talk about disgusting!

No real man is going to be jerking his small dick off online for people to see and he sure as hell wouldn’t be tasting his own cum. Only someone with sissy tendencies would do such a thing. EW!

To this day he still makes videos and posts them online. I know this because I’ve seen them and dry heaved seeing them more than once.

What a great decision I made, couldn’t be happier but I should have known earlier due to that tiny dick of his.

– Amanda

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