Dumped guy made to endure panty torment

The weekend had been going pretty good as far as I was concerned. My fiance and I were having fun hanging out but little did I know; I was about to get dumped.

Living in a world of delusion, my small penis having ass thought that things were going like normal for couples. We were engaged, looking at venues and I assumed she was fine with my dick size. Who would say yes to a proposal if they weren’t?

Boy was I wrong. For some reason while we were staying away from home at a hotel, she decided it would be a good time to breakup with me. Hours away from anywhere familiar, she pulled it out of nowhere and ended things with me.

Shock and Awe

It took me by such surprise I didn’t even know what to say. Here we are an engaged couple, on a weekend mini-vacation staying at a hotel and everything and you breakup with me here? Over 2 hours away from home?!

Speechless I sat there with my small penis throbbing as she walked around in panties as it were nothing. She had done stuff like that the whole time we were gone. It was like; WTF just happened?

To make matters worse she did it the night before we left. So that means there was zero chance of getting a blowjob or having sex of any kind. On top of that I had to sleep in the same room with her while knowing I had been dumped. What was she sleeping in that night you ask? Her small panties!

Such a Long Night

It was such a long painful night. I spent most of it sulking, crying and mentally tormenting myself. Meanwhile just a short distance away was her round plump ass covered in nothing but panties. Out in front of me on display, I watched them heave up and down as she slept.

I cried while trying to fight off a pathetic boner that I knew never satisfied her down deep inside. It all sunk in as my useless micro boner twitched at the sight of her panty covered ass.

It was then that I realized I’d never grab that ass again, never try to slide my dick into her pussy again and would never get to be near her panties to sneak sniffs.

The next day we checked out and I had to endure over 2 hours of road trip torment the entire way home without her ever chancing her mind about dumping my dicklette.

Still to this day I jack off thinking about the humiliation and how mortified I was when she dumped me. I cried like a bitch then and now I jerk myself off constantly like one.

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