12 thoughts on “Dick less than 7 inches erect? This is for you.

  1. I deserve to be added my cock is 5 inches but even more pathetic soft real embarrassment. … I there for need to be added

  2. I have a tiny under 1 inch micro penis and I have to say I am not suitable for any woman. I am pathetic tiny sissy clit loser as a man that why I no longer live as a man nor do I think about woman. I love servicing men with my mouth and sissy boy pussy. I am glad to be a feminine sissy boy. I have no more desire for woman now but I do worship woman because thanks to a woman she taught me my true calling in life and not as a man either and proud to say I live as a woman at my home and in public. I do not touch my clit. I get off by my sissy boi pussy being screwed by a real man. I wish I could share my tiny clit with y’all I would love to hear the comments about it …

  3. My pathetic little dick is just under 2″ when flaccid. It doubles in size to nearly 4″ when hard, but still isn’t much use to women. It’s just a sissy clitty which is now locked up and is going to remain like that forever.

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