Cuckoldress makes sissy wear panties over his tiny clit

Cuckoldress holding panties for sissy.

When you are a grown man with a penis that looks like a tiny clit, you have to wear appropriate underwear and accept an appropriate role in the bedroom.

It takes a nice big dick to make a woman orgasm via sexual intercourse and that’s something you do not have. You’ll never have it. That’s why guys with tiny clit dicks need to wear panties instead of men’s underwear.

It might seem unfair but you can’t fill out boxer briefs and if you can’t fuck a woman properly then you’re just a little sissy anyway. Instead you will wear panties for your mistress and get humiliated while getting cuckolded.

You’ll make a good cuckold sissy

Your new life as a panty wearing cuckold sissy will suit your little clitoris perfectly. Take the first step in the right direction by serving a sexy cuckoldress like me online that will turn you into a proper panty boy.

If you’re lucky I will let you watch me get fucked by guys with the cock you wish you had in your pants. For those of you wanting to transform into a pretty sissy, we can work on some bimbofication and feminization training too.

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One thought on “Cuckoldress makes sissy wear panties over his tiny clit

  1. I am a grown man but I don’t think my penis looks like a tiny clit, but I do already wear panties but that’s cuzz they are prettier and more comfortable especially thongs, but if I already wear panties does that mean I am a little sissy? I mean I know I don’t have a big dick and it does fit in panties but I don’t want to be a sissy, I just like wearing panties and sometimes other girlie clothes… so you are saying that if I wear pretty lil girlie panties and enjoy it that I can’t please a woman at all and I truly am just a panty wearing sissy? Well if that really is true then I guess I should take the first step, so ummm would you help me become a proper sissy panty boy? And does that mean I will be a cuckold also? Cuzz that would be so embarrassing to be wearing panties and being humiliated in front of another guy while he has sex… and also jw but if a sissy cuckold wears panties and can’t please women at all sexually then how do sissies have sex?

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