Cuckold vs Sissy Poll: Who would you wanna be?

Men with small cocks take on all sorts of roles, some becoming cuckolds and other become sissies.

That is exactly what this poll is all about too; Cuckold vs Sissy and which one you would want to be. Leave your choice in the comment area or make a selection on our poll live on twitter.

Femdom asking if you want to show your dick.

5 thoughts on “Cuckold vs Sissy Poll: Who would you wanna be?

  1. Cuckold-my wife Amy has had many large cocks. I’ve been given the pleasure to watch her fuck 3 bulls. She’s had atleast 3 others. The 3 she loves to tell me about are Nick,Matt and Ronnie. Nick she met at The Grand Casino,Matt and Ronnie she met at The Olive Branch Catfish Company. I always knew when she had fucked Matt cause she would come home and seduce me so I could feel her stretched well fucked pussy. I wouldn’t last 30 seconds in her. Nick was her first…she actually left me for him. I knew she was getting fucked by him when one day she had been gone to the store for several hours but returned with nothing. She was so horny when she came home,she wanted me to go down on her. I could smell and taste the semen in her. I came before I even got a chance to enter her. She just laughed and got dressed. I have many stories of being cucked.

  2. I am definitely a sissy. I love wearing panties all the time. Have a gorgeous woman tell me to wear them even better.

  3. My 2nd wife Debbie and later my 3rd and last wife Inez (the Bitch) both agreed before our marriages to cuckold me. I told them (and showed them) that I had a condition called micro penis and couldn’t penetrate pussy or ass. I told them I always wanted to be cuckolded by a woman/wife. I confessed that I enjoyed a sex life of jerking off while my wife got fucked to orgasms by real men with big cocks and that I got off on absorbing small penis humiliation and body shaming. During our “marriages” both Debbie and Inez often allowed me to watch and jerk off when they were fucking their bulls and boyfriends. Occasionally they let me suck their boyfriends’ big cocks – not often enough sadly! Debbie loved to humiliate me good-naturedly and even tried to ride my tiny weewee twice – but I squirted as soon her cunt lips touched my clitdick. Inez though was a real Bitch and got off on degrading and abusing me with her boyfriends. If I wanted to watch her fucking with her bulls/boyfriends I was forced to wear matching bra and panty and endure mean-spirited humiliation. Often she encouraged her bull/boyfriend Charles to bend me over, restrain my hands and fuck me hard and painfully until my weewee started to drip cum. Consequently, I grew to love intense small penis humiliation and degradation while I masturbated my useless peepee.

  4. I want to be the sissy. Dress up all sexy and be a little cock whore for my wife or female friends. I love watching my wife/girl getting fucked by somebody else’s big cock or even sucking them off. I like it even more when they ask me to suck on a cock for them.

  5. I want to be the little sissy dress up girl. My tiny dick feels so sexy in panties and I love showing it to my female friends, and even more if they show how small I am to their friends.
    I really enjoy when they laugh and make fun of it and make me jerk off for their pleasure

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