Caught in the woods wanking

I am 5ft 2 skinny and timid. While walking through a wooded area I found a gay porn mag… 

Unbeknown to me a group of lads were watching me. As I flicked through I felt myself becoming aroused. I thought nobody was around so I looked for a secluded spot.

I sat down reading with my hand down my trakkies, when the group of lads jumped out surrounding me! They quickly stripped me naked, exposing my tiny 2 inch virgin hard cock.

One lad shouted that I looked like I had a boy dick with hair. They grabbed at my pubes under my arms and around my cock and slowly pulled until I felt them tear from the roots! I was now totally smooth and naked.

Then one by one the lads got out their cocks and started to wank, saying this is how a real dick is wanked!

They left me naked, hairless and dripping with their cum. Totally humiliated but still very aroused. I’ve longed to feel that humiliated ever since that day.

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3 thoughts on “Caught in the woods wanking

  1. Fucken hot. To be caught, humiliated then covered in there cum. My baby dick is hard thinking about it

    1. That’s hot got my little pp hard wish I was there with you and they made us suck each other and they cum all over us

  2. Your cock is pathetic M8 I wish I’d of caught you I would have ass and throat fucked you like the girl you are taking your virginity would have been so funny

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